Mistaken Identity: The confused Italian Business Woman

An Italian business woman confused my web site for El Gezira Hotel Tower. She searched Google for "hotel gezira tower cairo", and my site was the third hit. She views this page on El Gezira Tower (not the hotel, but the monument). She immediately goes to the feedback page, and sends me an email saying:

my reservation nr. zzzzz- executive-room

I will arrive at Cairo airport tomorrow with flight number zzzz ZZ zzz at zz:zz local time. Does my reservation foresee also you pick-up from the airport. Waiting for your quick answer, I remain with best regards


Of course, I send back a polite response that this is a mistaken identity.

The amazing part is that a few minutes after I do that, I receive the same info sent via the contact us form again!

I am not sure if she understood the second reply or not. She may have had no one waiting from the hotel at the airport.

I guess that this is a combined case of some internet illiteracy and language barrier (she is Italian reading a site in English). These two factors conspired against her in mistaking this site twice.