Mistaken Identity: Saudi Telecom

I got this in the mail today.  It is mostly in Arabic, and the translation in English follows:

السلام عليكمانا محمد ... - مدير الترفيه ومدير مراقبة الجودة بحديقة ... الترفيهيةلدى موافقة من STC بخط ADSL سرعة 256ارجو ان ترسلوا لى قائمة الأسعار وشروط الأشتراكشكرامحمد ...050039xxxx

This translates to:

SalamsI am Mohamed .... Entertainment and Quality Manager at ... resort.We have an approval from STC for a DSL 256 line.Please send us your price list and subscription rules.ThanksMohamed050039xxxxx 

It is obvious that Mohamed confused my web site for one of the ISPs in Saudi Arabia, because of my long obsolete list of Saudi ISPs.



Saudi sawa Lottery Phone Calls

if you receive any call from any one telling that you have won the lottery from sawa of particular amount he even knows your sim backside number to make you satisfy that he is real and will try to get more details from you for iqama and others and will ask you to send credit of 200 or any other amount
These guys are fake i dono but they have some how got the STC data with some linked
dont give them any details as they will misuse it .