Mistaken Identity: Interested in buying oil paintings from China?

I got this in my inbox yesterday:

Dear Sir, We know you from Internet. We are one of the strongest oil paintings supplier in China. Following is the wholesale price for the paintings from our website url deleted. 20 x 24 inches on canvas ... US$4.95 for each 24 x 36 inches on canvas ... US$7.95 for each 36 x 48 inches on canvas ... US$14.95 for each All the paintings are reproduced and handmade on canvas by our artists. And also the custom painting is acceptable. If you have interest,please contact me. I will reply you as soon as possible! We hope hear from you soon! Yours sincerely, Shirley

This seems to be related to a posting on an oil painting I have. Thanks Shirley, nice to "know you from Internet" too. I am not interested in paintings from China, nor in gloves from Pakistan.