Mistaken Identity: Another Business Man

Some articles I write are about Canada, the weather, ...etc. This attracts some web traffic via search engines. Someone from Pakistan who manufactures gloves, searched Google for "Canada Ice Skates Gloves". He ends up on an article that I wrote on winter fun in Canada.

Best Quality Gloves of all KindsDear Sir/Madam,We are pleased to inform you as we are main Exporter/Manufacturer of all kinds of gloves. All exporting our products various countries of Europe Australia South Africa and many other countries etc. We have good reputation in the world marketof all kinds of gloves. Due to our fine uality and highly competitiveprices. We have decided to expand the business in your country and looking forward trust worthy buyer. We hope, you would show good response in future and like to cheek our samples. Do not hesitate you check our samples. Because our products are very durable and fancy. Please allow us that we write some lines of our products which are very rare and best quality products in the world. we are making Batting Gloves, Cycling Gloves, Boxing Gloves, weight Lifting Gloves, Base Ball Gloves, Gardening Gloves, Working Gloves, Welding Gloves, HockeyGloves, Ice and skating, Leather Gloves, Leather Belt etc. If you have any question for us do not hesitate. You call or mail us in this regards and we shall best response for your mail or call inbetter way. Proprietor: Ahmed

I have all the gloves I need, and don't want to import any. Thanks.