Mistaken Identity: Wikimapia and Wikis

Some time ago, I wrote an article about Wikimapia web site, the collaborative mapping of the world overlaying Google's Maps.Today, I got this email from someone in India.

Subject: personal information on the map of India- Jabalpur(Madhya Prade)Dear Sir,I am very much impressed by wikimapia as it makes work easier to findany particular location or path for new area.I would like to add the personal information of my residential addresslocated near the Jabalpur Sports Club, as well as other importantlandmarks which can help others to locate the particular path.Please give me the easier way to contact the Area Incharge of Jabalpur to add the information.Thanking you in anticipation,

The funny part is this is a double mistake:

  • He thought that my site is Wikimapia.
  • He missed the point of a Wiki where anyone can edit the data themselves, and the decentralized nature of wikis.