Mistaken Identity: BMW lottery

Here is another case of people confused and lost on the web.

Not only did he mistake my site for the BMW motor company in Germany, but they they have already paid 15,000 Indian Rupees to a scammer who claimed they are representing BMW. Now he is complaining to me thinking that I am BMW.

The reason for confusing my site with BMW's is the BMW 5-series car lottery winning scam article I wrote a while ago.

Here is the message I got:

sir sombody use u'r orginal logo,signatur and other things for cheating b y offerring claims that u win.

i spent more than 15000rs for this ceating in eyesterday.

they offer me 500,000 gbp.i expect htis come from BMW becouse they use u'r orginel logo,CME photo id card copy etc like u'r orginel Web sit.

sir please privent this or somany persons are chance to exploit by them




I appreciate that you gave an

I appreciate that you gave an explanation on the confusion created. May be now people will be able to differentiate between fraud and thats what true. Many a times such cases comes to light and create confusion and we end up losing a good amount of money. Now at least we will be able to make out the difference.