Mistaken Identity: Another University Student

Here is an another example. A university student from the Far East studying in England send me this.

Apparently s/he was searching for "Toby Huff" in Google, landing on this site, then searched on "Toby Huff contact details". She then mistook me for Oxford University!

Actually, I do not agree with Huff's views, and published Dr. George Saliba's rebuttal of Toby Huff!

Subject: Dr Toby Huff/Rise of Early Modern Science/White Supremacy Agenda

I write in reference to Toby Huff outlining of the early modern science in your course text books on Macolm Oster book on the history of science
used in your course on the history of science in Europe between 1500-1800.

Toby Huff refers to Arthur Wright view that Arthur Wright states that the Chinese language was deficient of notation of numbers, gender, tense and poor in resources for expressing abstractions and general classes or qualities.
I am afraid this arrogant eurocentric view has no bearing on the truth in relation to Chinese thought, philosophy, science, medicine, and technology. I really concerned wether the OU really checks the intellectual quality of the academic views it incorporates in its courses. I am sorry to state that although the eurocentric contribution to learning is significant it is not the only way in which we can understand our contemporary world. The other cultural perspectives from across the globe and the fact that they dont conform to eurocentric standards does not make them less valid in the context of the cultural environments these ideas have evolved from.

I am afraid the manner in which contributors in your course text books have represented non-western perspectives is at best born from ignorance of this cultures and tends to implicitly reinforce old racist stereotypes of of white supremacy in the context of culture, history, tradition and learning etc which is used by political extremists on the
conservative right and the extreme right of the political spectrum to see any non-white or non-western as inferior.

I am afraid the social and economic development of Europe did not occur in isolation without foreign influences and that will be first attempt to rebut such unfair and crude eurocentric perspectives.

I hope to hear from you.
Yours Sincerely