Analysis and Implications

Now, you may think that the people above are not internet savvy, and do not know how to search. But if you think about it, one is an Engineering student at a respected university, and the other is a "Doctor" (whether a physician or a Ph.D.). They both chose the internet as a medium of choice to get the information they wanted, instead of just calling the library or the school. They did not bother to read enough of the pages presented to them to know that this is neither the Library of Alexandria, nor the E.G.C. A friend of mine, Raouf, likened my web site to an unintentional honeypot because its design looks good (thanks Raouf!), but the victims are clueless people. I shudder when I think of how many out there are like these two examples, and how many suffer from online problems such as SPAM or phishing? How many scams would they fall for? Believe me when I say this is not elitist thinking, but rather a concern on how technology and society interact, and how the drawbacks should be addressed.