Mistaken Identify: What does CVS Mean?

This is not directly related to my web site, but it is very interesting for programmers.On the Drupal Infrastructure mailing list, we got this query from Kristina:

i can't find how to put in an employment application in for CVS through you.  Can you help please

What Kristina was looking for was perhaps CVS.com, an online pharmacy store. It seems that Kristina searched the web on "CVS Application" and ended up on the page where future contributors to Drupal would apply for a CVS account. The page title is "CVS application form", and "cvs" is in the URL (using Drupal's clean URL paths).Some talk about the digital divide between the industralized world and the third world. What I see is that there is a digital divide within the industrial world itself. Some people are not adept in technology, and will never be.Another case by someone with the nickname Shara1988 who registered in the Drupal site, and  applied for a CVS account. In the motivation section, he mentioned:

I need a job and CVS looks like a really nice place to work.

Mistaken identity no doubt ...



perhaps curriculum vitae

I suspect that it's more likely that Kristina meant "CVs," short for the plural of Curriculum Vitae, the equivalent of "résumés," documents which list experience, education, references, etc., used in applying for employment. Interesting nonetheless. :)

Possible, but maybe not ...

Actually, I looked over the logs at Drupal.org, and found that the URL she came from is what I suspected. She seems to have used:


Which means she searched Google Canada from FireFox on "cvs application". In Canada, we say resume, but we have lots of people coming from all over the world maybe she says "CV".
Khalid Baheyeldin