Mistaken Identity: Request For Withdrawal Of Papers At EGC

I often get email mistking my web site for others. One of those is the EGC where I used to go to school as a kid, and have a few pages on it. Here is another instance of mistaking my web site for the EGC web site. Names withheld of course. 

Dear Mrs. Enaam [Eldafraway, headmistress],               I wrote to you on the first of June06 , about sending mydaughter [...] all document specially her 'BirthdayCertificat', and I have forward £10-00 Egyptian £ to pay for thecosts  that you can kindly sent all the Documents by post 'RecordedDeleviery'. Please note that I also the same time wrote to 'Alsassr[El Nassr = EBS] College', to Mr. [...], and he is kindlly have sent back allthe Documents belonging to my two Son's [...] And [...]. Please I willwait to hear from you , and sorry if I have caused any problemes?!.Yours truly[...]

Normally, I ignore these requests, but in this cases, I replied to the guy that this is a mistake since it has to deal with papers.