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How Technology is used in society and how it affects it

Internet fraud: Representative/agent for charitable organization: Money laundring?


This is another form of internet fraud. A job that promises full time or part time agent of a company. 

This job could be a front for money laundring of proceeds from other scams, or could be cheque fraud.

Dear Sir/Ma

Would you like to work for our organisation full time/Part time and get paid weekly?

we are glad to offer you a job position at our charity organisation ,Adams Childrenswear Ltd our website is, .

ASCII art as spam


Anyone who has been on the internet for a while must have seen ASCII art in one form or another, for example in email signatures, Usenet posts, and the like. Before that, it was in BBS banners, and even before that, it was in UNIX systems as the banner program.

Today was the first time I have seen it in spam emails though. Here is an image of it:

It reads:

Viagra $1.15

Cialis $1.99

Mistaken Identity: Service Technician for Sears Water Softener

I got the following by email today:

I work for a Property Management company and we need a Service Tech to come
out to one of our propeties in Ventura. Can you help us? It is a Sears
Water Softener, and I am having a hard time finding some one to service it.
Please Advise ASAP!

This is because of the fixing a Sears Kenmore water softener article that I posted a long time ago.


Email Scam: Audi International Awareness Promotion


Another scam that claims one has won half a million Euros and a new Audi Car. None of that is true of course.The usual "keep it confidential" clause is there.

From:    online notification <>
To    undisclosed-recipients
Date    Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 9:50 AM
Subject    MAIL

Dear Winner,

Another email scam: UAE Housing contracts over estimation


This is another scam, capitalizing on the building boom in the United Arab Emirates. The scammer claims that there is excess money due to contract over estimation, and wants a reliable person to help with the bank transfers.

None of that is true of course ...

Date:   22 Jun 2008 12:00:09 -0000
From:  "ali " <>
Subject:   From The Desk of Mr. ali mohammed

Gadget early adopters are arrogant, and Apple Mac have a feeling of superiority


According to the CBC gadget early adopters are arrogant.

Moreover they quote a study:

In a study earlier this year, Mindset found that people who bought
Apple Inc.'s Macintosh computers to be more liberal and open-minded,
but also exhibiting traits of superiority.

Here is an overview of the study.

Noise to Signal: the next Dilbert + xkcd + User Friendly


Everyone who is in the tech field must have checked the Dilbert at some point. For those who are working in large corporations, they can draw parallels between what is on the comic and what they see around them at the work place.

Other tech oriented comics are xkcd and User Friendly, which is Canadian by the way.

RCMP warns against wire transfer cheque scam


This is a classical scam promising a lot of money for a too-good-to-be-true job for little work. The scam centers on the victim getting a cheque and asked to cash it and wiring the bulk of it and keep the difference for "testing the wire transfer service".

The RCMP have uncovered a widespread cheque scam that attempts to lure consumers with promises of jobs as secret shoppers.

Mistaken Identity: Hebrew seal maker


Someone sent me this today, asking me to make a seal with Hebrew letters on it:

i want to know if you can make a seal with hebrew letters on it . Please
let me know my phone is 305-555 1212 Thanks rene

This is again mistaken identity, due to an article I wrote a while ago on the history of Seal of Solomon and Star of David.


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