RCMP warns against wire transfer cheque scam

This is a classical scam promising a lot of money for a too-good-to-be-true job for little work. The scam centers on the victim getting a cheque and asked to cash it and wiring the bulk of it and keep the difference for "testing the wire transfer service".

The RCMP have uncovered a widespread cheque scam that attempts to lure consumers with promises of jobs as secret shoppers.

"It's like any other scam," said Cpl. Phil Carver. "They are trying to make you believe you have money when you don't, and get you to send back real money."

Carver, who has spoken to hundreds of people, says thousands of cheques have been turned in to authorities.

Edmonton-based Brad Buxton also received a phoney cheque when he responded to an advertisement in his community paper on behalf of his aunt.

"The ad read additional income, mystery shopper required for retail stores food industry, financial institutions, etc."

Buxton received a priority post package and was instructed to act as a secret shopper for a wire transfer service. He was instructed to deposit a cheque for $2,500 and use $2,200 to purchase a Moneygram. Buxton was told he could keep the remaining $300 for testing the service.

"Now I'll be honest, I did sit there for a minute because I was in the parking lot right next to my bank machine," he said. "It was awful tempting."

But, Buxton recognized that address on the cheque lacked a postal code. After investigating further, he found the address listed was in fact false, prompting him to turn the cheque over to the police.

Via: CBC.



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re: help

I want to know what you know...is there any way that i can attempt to get my money back if I fell victim to this awful scam?? I know that may sound like an unreasonable person to fall for something like this. But, I am determined to get my money back ..please help if you can

Versal Check Scam

I was thrilled that someone wanted to purchase my dishes. I even asked my banker his advise on this e-check proposal. I am however VERY happy that I searched and found these comments. I was tipped off by the most recent message and should have been simply by the name. HA! I responded to his request for photos of my "item" and the "shipper information". I admit, I was buying it hook, line and sinker! I thought, wow, this guy really has it goin' on... I should have known. Anyway, when I asked how many photos did he need and would his shipper be packing the dishes or should I prepare them to be picked up? Here is his response.... The electronic check is new technology and is very legit and fast, this is a Verified and Certified electronic Bank check for online transaction. If you are still willing to sell this item for me, proceed to purchase the Versal business check paper, for you to receive the payment ASAP.
Best Regards
scott joe
128 Seaview Lane
Corpus Christi,TX 78411

I did not ask anything about the check, I agreed to sell and was about to go get the paper! Here's the sad part. We really need the money from the sale of the items we have posted. How terrible it would have been if I had gone to the next step? We do not have the money to cover this kind of mistake. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!! Divine intervention.....

CRAIGLIST SCAMS electronic check versal check

Beware. & don't do it.
I know craiglist it's a very helpful place to find & sell stuff so I know this is NOT craiglist fault.
But if an SMARTY ask you to buy, receive, accept, electronic checks for your item, just don't do it, you will be screwed up with your money & no item at the end, so cash on hand or no sale it's the best way to go, I almost fall for this trick, but I was cash or no sale thing since the beginning, so I hope that you read this on time before a SMARTY gets your money. & your item for free.

how about this? A job writing checks?

I am out looking for work and really need extra income. An answer to an ad was this:

Hello good day am Chad xx from Md.textile am looking for an assistance who will be able to help me get my job updated in the state i am in UK now and i gues i will stay in UK for about 3 month before coming back to the state so i will want you to assiste me in printing out check to our client in the state i do print check to our client and post to each of there address through ups carier or FeDex pls if you have a printer and you think you will be able to do this job kindly reply and immediately add me to your yahoo IM messanger for easier comunication xxx you will be earning more than $1000 Monthly

I asked a few questions and got this:

1. is all about printing of necesary notice to all our client in the state
2. you will be printing checks to our client for there payment weekly
3. and you will get it sent to them through UPS carier or fedex to each of there address
4. the company will provide you their Bank Account details to download on your printer to print out checks from and ups account which you will use for the internet label and they will order for envelop to get it dispach to each of our client addreses
All you needed for the job to start is
1. you will need to get and download versal check 2008 software to your printer
2. you will need to order for check paper
After this have been done you will be train how to get work started and you will be provided all necessary things then you get this done once in a week depends how many client you will get check printed to and you will be paid through western union or cash monthly for your work well done
i will be looking forward to hear from you if you are realy willing to do business with us

This client you are to print checks to they work for the company and receive their payment, yours is to print the check and we are to provide you the amount on each check you are to print to each and everyone of them, as soon as you download all requested to get in your system we will provide you all bank information and company to get it downloaded to your system

you will be printing atlist 200 list of check in a week or more than that depend how many client they are to pay for that week

pls as soon as you get the software ready kindly get a yahoo messanger registered and add me for better chart comunication

any thoughts? Does this sound like a scam to you?

Yes Dont fall for this I

Yes Dont fall for this I posted an ad looking for genuine work from home however someone contacted me claiming to be an architect,he wanted an assitant and said he was out of uk at time, he wanted me to deliver parcels and receive parcels etc. A few months later i received a cheque for £3.5000 in which I still have, he wanted me to cash the cheque and take 10% for my troubles and then send him the remainig money via western union, well i thought why has he sent me a cheque for doing nothing this is a scam and before I even attempted to cash cheque cause I was tempted you would be lol, I found out exactly what would happen, I would bank the cheque then after a few days the cheque would clear meanwhile you spend the money then you will get a call/letter off bank statin the cheque has bounced meanwhile the money that was never yours you now owe the bank, so please as tempting as it sounds THIS IS A SCAM DONT LET THESE BASTARDS ROB YOU PEOPLE ARE SO CRUEL AND HEARTLESS LOOK AFTER YOURSELF NOT THEM BECAUSE THE INTERNET IS FULL OF SCAMS JUST LIKE MINE, I WAS VERY TEMPTED TO CASH THE CHEQUE AT A CHEQUE CASHING SERVICE AND KEEP THE MONEY BUT SOMETHING DIDNT FEEL RIGHT AND KARMA HAS A FUNNY WAY OF GETTING YOA



I was approached via email with this scam 2. It was for the same amount of money so I wouldn't be surprised if it was from the same person. Unfortunately I found out the hard way as someone scammed me the same way a few days before I realised this man was asking me to do the same thing. Luckily unlike the scam we have in common the first was only for a few hundred quid. Now I have to sit and wait to find out if the cheque bounces and then contact the police again, to INVESTIGATE(knowing full well there is no way they can recover or trace the money).


The worse thing is they now have my name, telephone number and address; who knows what they could do with that info. Trust me, you would not want to be in my position right now; so please just think before you even consider these scams. If it sounds too good too be true there's a 99.9% chance it's SCAM!!!!!

Sara Birmingham UK

Yes, It's an absolute

Yes, It's an absolute scam...ruthless and with No regard for any other person's situation outside of their own, horrible, greedy-ass selves...It's pretty simple, actually; All one need do is pay attention to the impossibly poor grammar and the ridiculous requests that any upright person attempting to conduct any manner of business would ever propose!!!! What Godless scavengers these PIGS are....I liken them to Turkey-Vultures, or scrap-picking trash-rooters...They will always get it in the end, though...and I do mean, their very own "end", most likely.

bike sale

I am trying to sell a dirt bike on craigslist and got an email from a man in LA. He wants to purchase the bike and send a certified business check and take the remaining money to the shipping company. I am worried the check will clear and I will send the bike and the bank will come after me later with fees and whatever else for a bounced check that I received. How do I prevent this?

Miranda Rufus MT