Craigslist Scam: Cheque and Western Union For More Than Amount

Classified ads on craigslist attract scammers from Nigeria and elsewhere.Here is a recent example when I was trying to sell something.Not that I asked for $375, and was offered more for it.Here is the first message I got:

pls can you tell me if this item is still for sale ?and the price

When I replied it was available, this was the reply:

I will have to inform you that i am okay with the price of the [item name] ($375)condition terms are also okay with me,For the Shippment from your location,i have my SHIPPER as soon as we seal this Transaction from your end. I have a CLIENT of my that is owning me some Fund in United Kingdom that will issue you the cheque of ($2000) soon as you receive the cheque and when cleared you will deduct the cost of the [item name] and the remaining balance will be send to the Shipper through western union money transfer for the pick up from your location. If this is okay by you, do e-mail me the following detail FULL NAME ON CHEQUE:CONTACTED ADDRESS:MOBILE&LANDLINE PHONE NUMBER:AND ZIP CODEI will compensate you $50 to remove the advert from the site and will wait until the cheque clear before the pick up commence.hope to read from you today.

This is a classic scam that involves you wiring them money via Western Union, and they sending you a fake cashier cheque.



This exact type scam just

This exact type scam just happened to us on Craig's list. They sent a business check which verified that the funds were available. My son sent the "over payment" via Western Union to Nigeria.

I was scammed just like

I was scammed just like this. You will have to pay the full amount now because the check will bounce a week later.

Thank god for this website

I like to thank whom ever come up with this site because I was just about to head to the bank with this check and I was fishy about the return information so I dug around and I found this site relizing that I was minutes away from being scamed BADLY

This site just saved me Over $3,000.00 in problems


Nigerian Craigslist Scam

I lost $2700 because I answered an ad on Craiglist for a tutor. I was sent a bogus $3500 check and asked to deduct my fee (700) from it and wire the rest to an Atlanta address. I made one wire transfer, then was asked for another because the "nanny" who was caring from the kid in question needed surgery. I finally got wise, and refused to send any more cash. Of course, the bank took $3500 from my account when the check bounced. I've reported this to local police and the FBI.

A similar thing happened to

A similar thing happened to me with a nanny scam. I lost about the same amount of money. I have also reported it to the local police and FBI. What else can be done? I feel so violated. Please contact me if you would like.

nanny scam

I'm a reporter for the ABC station in Washington, DC and working on a story on the Nanny Scam. Would you mind contacting me? I would love to talk to you about your experience.

Most sincerely,
Lisa Fletcher

mobile: 541-554-4300

I am also a victim of this

I am also a victim of this nanny scam I live in illinois near rockford,it was all too good to be true until I googled babysitter scams on craigslist! I'm so thankful that I found this but feel really bad for what has happend to everyone.

Nanny Scam

I'm working on a story on the Nigerian Nanny Scam and see that several people on this site have fallen victim to it. I would love to talk to anyone who's been bilked out of money by these crooks. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at LFLETCHER@WJLA.COM. WJLA is the ABC television station in Washington, DC. Thanks so much.

What happened after you

What happened after you reported it ?
The same thing is happeing to me ... but I have the check, of course I'm not cashing it,
but what of the address the con gave me to transfer the money to ? And did the poilice do anything about it ?

Can the Police and the FBI find the con artist?

It just happened to me. This time, not Nigeria but a US company in SF: Continuum Crew LLC :( Are the police and/or FBI able to do anything?

I should have done research before wiring money :(