Another Craigslist classified scam

Here is another classifed ads (craiglist) scam that I got in response to listing a computer for sale for a few hundred dollars.

From: richard adelson <> hi seller,   i am interested in the item you placed online for my son schooling in Nigeria- West Africa.  pls let me know how much the goods will cost and the term of payment. thanks.

My reply was as follows:

$237,579, including shipping by FedEx to Nigeria.Payment by cash.

Let us see what he comes up with.



Getting back at Nigerian scam artists

You gotta check this out man.

If you have time and wanna have some fun, this will give you some ideas about how to get back at these Nigerian crooks. Mess up with him a bit and keep us posted. It seems they can pretty much do anything to make you happy.

Mattress Store: Nigeria Scam Revenge!

Interesting twist on the old Nigerian money scam being run on retial mattress stores. Goes like this: A phone call is made to a mattress store with a TDD (phone for the deaf) operator connection. The "deaf" person relays asking the price of a king size mattress set and an email address so it will be easier to communicate, then the connection is terminated. Soon though, the email arrives with the "deaf" person needing (3) or more king size mattress sets to be delivered to an Alaskan Church Ministry. No problem (we're in Ohio). Payment will be by credit card, and once payment is made, the "shipper" will deliver the beds to Alaska! Of course must wire $500 shipping fee directly to the Nigerian trucking company (who will come to Ohio, pick-up beds & deliver to Alaska...$500 IS a pretty good freight charge) Of course, the credit card goes through (the bank will later tell you it's fraudulent & charge-back). I had a good one with these guys all on-line via email. First of all I "accidentally" sent payment to the Oklahoma credit card customer's address. Then "I was so sorry I had sent the money to the wrong address" I volunteered to drive the mattress sets myself to Alaska, then offered to pay the Nigerean shippers AND deliver the beds myself. Through-out the course of the week, these guys tried to remain patient with me as "I was a christian trying so hard to help them", but kep getting their instructions confused. FINALLY, I went too far. I googled their Nigerian address where I was supposed to send the $500, and discovered a church just 2 doors from them. An internet search turned up the minister's name. Naturally, I emailed them that everything was OK because I knew someone just down the street from them at the **** church, he could pay them! Wasn't God moving in mysterious ways? Still they were patient and explained that "government reasons" meant I had to pay directly. FINALLY I let them off the hook, emailed how I enjoyed the entertainment, and genuinely gave 'em props for remaining so patient!!!!

Craigs List Scam

Beware: Erik Ramon Is currently trying to scam me for a refrigerator and cooktop. Alas, this is not my first time around the block with this particular scam. I didn't fall for it the first time and until the alzheimer's kicks in, it aint gonna happen anytime soon. If you people put half as much energy into a legitimate job as you do trying to scam people you would probably make a decent living.

Craigs list

Hello there. I am new to all of this and listed a ring I have for sale on craigslist. I just did a search on his email and it was erik_ramon24@hotmail. How is it a scam so that I can be weary? I put it on craigslist so that I coudl sell locally and not deal with paypal and alertpay, etc. HELP!!!

Erik Ramon

I have a couple of expensive items on craigslist right now.A brake lathe and a new wheel balancer.I received 2 emails from this clown this morning,saying exactly the same thing.1 is $1400 the other is $800.They both ask if the item is still for sale,in fact the emails are identical.This is a scammer!!! Do not ship anything to this guy.Do not even give him your name and address.If he was legitamate he would send you a phone number or ask for yours.I've only been on craigslist for about a month but I learned very quickly to google craigslist scammer + name.Thats how I ended up here on this post.When in doubt,do nothing.

Erik Ramon Craig's list scam

OMG he just did this to me for some expensive jewelry with the same song and dance as everyone else. I did send him my address and phone, but told him I wouldnt do anything on alertpay. I then went with my gut and googled him? Now I am horrified that I was part of someone's scam. What is actually his scam with What is this person up to? Has anyone reported him to the police? I would love some feedback and direction as to what to do with this person????? Thanks

scam erik ramon

too weird. I just had athe same thing happen. Can you tell me if you followed up with anyone or any web site. He seemed very genuine. Wanted to use Wanted to buy it for a friend who he met at a conference recently and wanted the priest to bless it before the ceremony.

please advise.

I put a very expensive ring

I put a very expensive ring on craigs list one week ago. he replied asking if it was still available

He then replied saying he would love to buy it for a friend who he met at a conference. Wanted to use alertpay also. I had an appraisal on line with this and a very small picture.

Did you ever do anything regarding this. I did the same and googled his name before I moved forward...WOW

bernard anderson same scam different name 2 of them today bernard anderson and alex barron. 2 deaf people wanting name and address. Idk what they will do with it but if you reply to their email then they get your email address verified and probably could sell it or something. DO NOT RESPOND!!!! THATS HOW THEY GET YOU.

Got an email from Bernard

Got an email from Bernard Anderson for one of my craiglist ads... once you do this a few times you can spot the BS right away: his response was simply: "Hello there,pls i will like to know if the above listed item is still available for sale ??? Stay Blessed!!!!" I decided to search the name first and found this blog. Too funny!