Another Craigslist classified scam

Here is another classifed ads (craiglist) scam that I got in response to listing a computer for sale for a few hundred dollars.

From: richard adelson <> hi seller,   i am interested in the item you placed online for my son schooling in Nigeria- West Africa.  pls let me know how much the goods will cost and the term of payment. thanks.

My reply was as follows:

$237,579, including shipping by FedEx to Nigeria.Payment by cash.

Let us see what he comes up with.



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used cars

Someone out there put all car inventory on craigslist for half the money i'm asking on my website.And not only did they do this but, they posted vehicles i don't even have.Also i removed a wheel chair lift that i removed from a handicapped van we junked,and now i'm trying to sell it,and i 2 e-mails from 2 guys with e-mails from asking me to accpet a check and later me ship it to them.Bunch of crooks. SCAM - BEWARE!!!

I just got an e-mail after I posted a $60 item on craigslist. I knew something seemed odd. So I replied: Sorry, cash payment only.
I am glad I did. I don't want anything to do with these thieves. Can the police do something about this?
Below find the e-mail Daniel Russell wrote to me, from the following e-mail address:
Great! My assistant mailed you earlier .I'd love to pay your asking price.
On the contrary,I would make payment by money order as its the only
way I can pay you at the moment(I am actually out of the States on a business trip).
I will make arrangement for pick-up after payment have been received by you.
I dont mind adding a little extra 20 dollars for inconveniences.
Please keep it in my favor.
Kindly reply with your full name,cell phone number,and address where
payment should be sent.You can stop other offers and consider it sold
to me.
You should receive payment within the coming week.
Once payment is received we can proceed with the pickup.Thanks for your
understanding and patience.Expecting to hear from you soon.
P.S Advise if there is/are defects. What do you think?

I received an email from this address: Fred Robinson is the "Pen Name" for this character. I haven't found any similar scams and am as yet unsure whether this guy is a scammer or not. "Do you still have your item for sale ? Kindly get back to me with more
information... Thanks." It sounds very similar to previous encounters with scammers. This fellow requested information for 3 other products I was selling... exact same email... same spelling...

Craigslist Scam

I was not sure about an inquiry for an item and answered it and duh...any way here is the scammer.
Here is my reply.

Take your scam and shove it buddy.

--- On Mon, 3/7/11, Sheehan.robert Sheehan.robert wrote:

From: Sheehan.robert Sheehan.robert
Subject: Re: Unfinished Corner Cabinet - $150 (Coastal Oceanside)
To: Not published here
Date: Monday, March 7, 2011, 2:57 AM

How are you doing .Your payment have been sent but there is a mix-up
in the payment my assistant sent to you, after reconciling my
account, I discovered that She sent an over payment to you. The
payment meant for another item was sent to you in error. I have been
trying to retrieve it but to no avail. I am very worried. Please as
soon as you recieve the money orders, get it cashed at your bank,
deduct your payment and send the balance via western union to the
details i will provide you with. Please let me know if i can count on
you to do this for me.

On Sat, 3/5/11, Tigersteven67 Tigersteven67
William Steeve"



Mark Andrews

I have never done this craigslist thing before so i put a thing up wanting to sell my phone i get a email from mark andrews asking about the phone and wanting me to give him my paypal info i was stupid so i did and paypal emailed me to say they have the money but i gotta ship the phone in order to get the money and it sounded odd then i got his from mark andrews
Hello .
I can't even belief what you mean after i made the payment and
after the money deducted from my account you are not saying anything and
the item which i paid for so how about my money cause the money is no
more in my paypal account and this is an auction paypal payment once
payment sent to one account via auction it can't credit back to the
sender account in order to protect and guide us from possible fraud
for online transaction so hope you understand this and am not playing
with my money so please and please and please get the item shipped
right now because it you still refuse to do this it can lead to many
case at FBI Office and hope that will be alright.... Thanks and hope
you understand me as well

is this listed still up for sale?
I felt like it was a scam so i googled his email and sure enough it was now im scared he thinks im a fraud and everything i closed my paypal account his email is