Another Craigslist classified scam

Here is another classifed ads (craiglist) scam that I got in response to listing a computer for sale for a few hundred dollars.

From: richard adelson <> hi seller,   i am interested in the item you placed online for my son schooling in Nigeria- West Africa.  pls let me know how much the goods will cost and the term of payment. thanks.

My reply was as follows:

$237,579, including shipping by FedEx to Nigeria.Payment by cash.

Let us see what he comes up with.




hes also using he got my name and adress until i finally caught on. a Dr. Laura Abbot has also tried to scam me. Being my first time i craigslist i gave her my name adress and bank information. luckily i caught on in time and didnt send her anything. i dont think they can do anything without proper id least i would hope so.

Erik Ramon is still at it!!

I too am trying to be scamed by Erik Ramon using the email address of so be aware of this address he's using.

This is my first time using craigslist and I am trying to sale some expensive Jewelry so I am going to be very aware of everyone.

He also said something about going to a conference and could not spell and did not use proper grammar.

Me too! I am selling an

Me too! I am selling an engagement ring and getting the same thing from him.

He said he wanted to pay me via alertpay, which I understand is legit. So I set up an account. Well 'Erik' then asked for my name, address, and phone number. I checked alertpay first and all they require is an e-mail address for payment. So I googled his e-mail and found this site before I sent him that info!

Be careful!!!

Jerry Michael/IKareem Abeeb

He just tried scamming me too! He (Jerry Michael) wanted to buy my old wedding/engagment band and said he was on business in Paris. He asked that I mail it to his friend Kareem Abeeb in Nigeria. I fell for it and went to the post office, mailed it, came back home and contacted Alertpay to give them my USPS tracking number and to inquire about when I would be getting my money. They told me that it was a scam so I ran to the post office and got there just as the mail truck was closing it's door!!!!! I got my ring back but I cannot believe I got scammed!!!!!!! This Jerry Michael/Kareem Abeeb or whatever the fuck his name is has got an email coming that will rip him a new asshole.

same story, I got a 12mm gold chain for sale on craigslists and he says the same conference line. something about he wants to buy it for a friend he met at a conference and he wants to pay with alertpay. I knew something was up, especially when I specifically told him cash payment only on the first email he sent.

Erik Ramon

And here he goes again. This time using . . I am not certain why I goggled his name. But I am glad I did. These people are pathetic... con artists who are too lazy to work.


Erik Ramon-
And also using the same message:
Are you still willing to sale this item?Let me know as soon as possible.


Erik Ramon Scams

I got the exact same message word for word. And other messages just as the people below. I being a naive first time seller on the internet gave him my name, address and phone number. but that is it. For some reason my gut told me to check out the website (alertpay) that he was wanting to use for the transaction. After finding alertpay scams I decided to google him and found this site and some others like it. OMG, I couldn't believe it. He was a fraud. Erik Ramon's name all over the f-ing place. Thank u guys for posting things like this. If not for all people like u, who knows what would have happened.

Erik Ramon at it again


Glad I found this site. Erik Ramon sent me an email today, Tuesday May 21, 2008 from with the identical question that people are reporting here:
Are you still willing to sale this item?Let me know as soon as possible.


He indicates interest in a ring that I'm offering. Now I know how to proceed. In the future I won't use my main email address though when posting something on Craigslist - I learned one lesson from this.

Yep, same thing here...He

Yep, same thing here...He sent some stupid email about meeting someone at a conference and wanted to buy a ring I was selling..Wanted to use Alert Pay,,I told him no, cash payment only..he never emailed back..I sent him a nasty email!!!..He is so dumb he used the same line on everyone...I reported him so hopefully they catch him soon...