Email Scam: Ramadan Zakat for poor orphans and widows

This is another form of scam, asking for charity (Zakat in Arabic) for the month of Ramadan (fasting in the Muslim calendar).

Nothing like the prospect of helping orphans and widows to milk people for money.

Subject: Ramadan zakat for poor ophan & widows women
From: Dr. Mrs. Shireen Mujtaba <>
Date: Aug 2, 2007

Salam Alai Kum Wa Rahmat Ullah Wa Bara Katu Hu

I am Dr. Mrs. Shireen mujtaba. I am general secretary of Women & Children Charitable Home Society. In our society we have 493 poor orphan children And old poor widows women. Sir unfortunately our society building was fully collapsed and our rooms was damaged. Now our society members are stay in open area without roof in tents. I request you please help to our poor society and send help what ever you like.

We have no arrangement for this coming Ramadan expenses. This time our society is very shorts of funds. Kindly help to our poor and send help medicines, food, clothes and blankets. And children education help of our society. We are needy for your kind help and kind attention

Thank you so much waiting your kind urgent and positive reply

Allah Hafiz

Yours faithfully
Dr. Mrs. Shireen Mujtaba
(General secretary)
Women & Children Charitable Home



Help Built Masjid In Village

Request" HELP/BUILT A Masjid .
I am Muhaamad Issa khan from Karachi Pakistan.

I belong to a villige which is desert area in intrear Sindh. Alhamd ullah 100% Muslim People are living in my village, All People are very poor villager person but religons. Unfartunaly they cannt build a MOUSQUE so that I request to you please built a mosque in my Village.
My family and all villagers shall pray for you for whole of my life for your prosperity and health.

I am looking for your kind reply
Muhammad Issa khan
United Bank Limited Pakistan
branch code (1133) PASMIC
Account # 0001010622

financial help

Dear Sir,

My name is shobha. i am from Vamanjoor, Mangalore. we are 7 children (All girls) 3 are married. at home my 3 sisters, me and my mother s there. we don't have our own house. we need your financial support. pleas help. daddy s no more. our home condition is very poor. we are praying for your good health and support. we are roman catholic. i am awaiting for your reply.

thank you sir.

My account Number - S.B. 122301010012770 Vijaya Bank, Vamanjoor, Mangalore - 575028
Name - Shobha Preetham Misquith

I need help

Salam alikum.i m too poor to maintain my family so ply help me.

accept your charity of zakat

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakhatuh

Many people in indonesia need help for your donation.
Many children need what that they consumtion every day.
Many manula (oldman) need what that they needed.
Many people need some medichine for reason dont have money and facilities for medichine...

If someone there want to give or donation charity of zakat, i can/required/already distribute your donation.

If someone like you want to donation your zakat, would you please send e-mail to
I wish Allah blessing all of you.
jazakallah khairan katsiran . . .

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Seeking zakat fund for orphans babys

Salam Alai Kum Wa Rahmat Ullah Wa Bara Katu Hu

I am Mohammad Al Masud. I am general secretary of Women & Children Charitable Home Society. In our society we have 250 poor orphan children. We are maintain all babes for good health and education.
We are looking zakat fund,Please if possible healp us.

Momammad al Masud

Financial Support & Help Me

Dear Sir,
My name is Mohsin Ali Soomro, I am from Pakistan karachi. Doing private job. Married and have mashallah two daughters. my mother pass away and father almost 55 years old living in rent apartment since 12 years. i can't afford monthly rent and home expenses due to reasonable salary. i want to do my bushiness but for start new business i don't have any extra money ? I start working when i was too younger i earned daily Rs; 5 pakistani . My dream to be a successful man in my life having a own house and one car for small family for my children future i do hard work and once i settle in my life i will be thankful to you.. Allah will help those people who care for others
I don't know how to get your contact for help me but today is Ramadan 20th Roza My Allah give me the direction to contact with you ( ALLAH AP KO ISS KA AJAR ROZAY QAYAMAT MAIN DEEGA AMEEN SUM AMEEN )


Request for Financial help

Dear Sir,

I am Hasham hassan.I am 23 years old.I am living in karachi pakistan.Sir my father has died when i was 6 year old.I have one younger brother and mother.sir I have been struggling since my child hood.i faced lot of difficulties and problems but i have done graduation.currently i have no job, I have too many responsibilities,Sir please kindly help me financially. I will be very thankful to you.(May ALLAH give you Reward)

Contact no:


Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

Our gratitude to Allah SWT who has given various of grace, grace of faith, Islam and grace of good health, sholawat and we convey greetings to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
As is usual with the advent of holy month of Ramadhan, we of the House Tahfidz Daarul Qur'an Al Hidayah hold "highlights Orphans Benefit and Work At Dhuafa and" every year, while this year we held donation larger, because we would sympathize Orphans 300 orphans soul where they are domiciled in Depok, Bali and East Nusa Tenggara Bajawa Flores.
As for the mustahiq (rightful accept it) is the Bohemian people less fortunate than us, can be classified as below the poverty line, this is a very fitting time for us to share with others, in which Allah reward our folding double, giving hopefully / Alms / Infaq / Zakat we can reduce their difficulties.
Hopefully charity Ramadhan we accepted Allah SWT, and we reward doubled, and the God who halalan TAYYEBAH Rizqi add mubarokah to us because of our charity.
Hopefully this can be an invitation charity a good reception from my brother and Muslimat mauslimin, and God's blessings to us all, Ameen

Wassamu'alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh

House Tahfidz Daarul Qur'an Al Hidayah
Bekasi Permai Blok AC No. 5
Bekasi 17112 - Indonesia
Ph. +62 856 9781 8788
Donation can be Transferring to the House Tahfidz Daarul Qur'an Al Hidayah:
1. Bank BCA 0660547142 on behalf Hardin Junaedi Branch Bekasi - Indonesia
2 Bank Mandiri 156 000 5661 626 on behalf Hardin Junaedi Branch Bekasi - Indonesia

piease help my family

Dear Sir
Am living in London i have 4 childrens and my husban not well he can't work ,we r in problem we dont have Money to pay Rent my landlord is giving me hard time and also i have loan everywhere we dont no whant to do ? with who i will ask to help me to pay my loan of £7000 ? even we do have enougt money to buy food for my children as they r fasting , I will ask u if there is someone in the name of Allah who can help me Allah will Reward u please help me am in problem .
It is requested your good self to help me as soon as possible .
Thank you so much waiting your kind urgent and positive replay .
Allah Hafiz
Yours faithfully
Mrs Bibi Sahine


Assalamu Alaikum,


Dear Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah (King of Brunei)

Respectfully it is stated, that I am a poor and helpless Muslim widow having four children. I am living in a rented house and hardly bearing the educational expenses of my children which are exceeding almost .I cannot afford house rent and other daily necessities of my children.

After the cruel death of my husband, there is no one who can look after us. As you know now a day’s Daily expenses are very high and a common man is facing a problem of hand to month. I need financial support from your side. Kindly makes an arrangement funds for widow and her children.

I hope you will take this kind and generious step to oblige a poor widow.

We will pray for your long life for this act of kindness.

Jazak Allah Khairun,

Yours Sincerely, جزاك الله خيرا

SHABANA AKRAM (Widow) جزاك الله خيرا

The following is account number for financial support of Sadqa, Zakat or Donation etc…

Title A/C: Shabana Akram

A/C No: 021276600000329

Swift Code: M E Z N P K K A

Bank: Meezan Bank Limited

Bank Address: 8-Hunza Block,Allama Iqbal town Lahore.Pakistan.