Sultan Haji Hassanul Bolkiah of Brunei Foundation donation for Islam scam

This scam preys on emotions of Muslims, asking them to donate to a foundation headed by Sultan Hassan Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei.

Of course, a foundation by the name "Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation" does exist. However, it would not need to ask for money (Brunei and the Sultan are oil rich), nor will it do so via an obscure email.

Here is the text of the mail:

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 05:58:13 +0800 (BNT)
Subject: Stand up for Islam
From: "Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah" <>

Greetings in the name of Allah, the most beneficent,the most merciful.

Dear friend in Islam,

In todays world where Islam is being linked to terrorism we muslims have a duty to defend our good religion thereby exonerating ourselves from the negative image being created by western media against our faith. No one else but we muslims can do this for ourselves. Age or gender is not a barrier you can always make an impact no matter who you are.

The sultan of Brunei is currently funding muslims willing to take up a role for the propagation of the good message of Islam. This is the work of ALLAH which we Muslims are called as revealed to his holliness prophet Muhammad(peace be unto his name). We must not continue allowing the western media determine the image of Islam to the whole world.

If you are willing to stand up for our faith please indicate your interest and also a pledge to use any money received judiciously. Then will my international fund managers contact you to raise you a bank draft/cheque. Since this is also a way of paying my zakat(Qur'an 9:60) I am still deciding on the amount you will receive but be informed when you receive the money you use it for the propagation of the good message of Islam for example in radio talk shows , TV , print , internet or any medium prefarable to you like charity works.If you are not in position to undertake this responsibility you may simply pass on any money received to any good muslim within your community who you feel can undertake this project, all I want is good results no matter how money spent.

Your response and any gratitude should be sent to the Sultan Haji Foundation at email: to the attention of my secretary Mr.Yang Mulia Awang Haji or to Mr.J. H.Bin Lunchai. Note that message sent otherwise will not get a reply.

At your leisure you may also view my photo gallery and others by going to website

Best regards,

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah
(King of Brunei)
Lapangan Terbang Lama
Berakas BB1010,
Brunei Darussalam
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Debt and Gaining Knowledge of Islam


asSalamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

Inshaa'Allah all is well with you and your loved ones. Ameen.

I really am in need of help, in this blessed month of Ramadan i pray you help me. inshaa'Allah.

I have a total debt of £6000 which was great mistake i made in my days of ignorance, i pray to Allah, that for His sake you help me... Please, i really need to get rid of this debt, as it is affecting my sould greatly. I can provde evidence, to prove my truthfulness and sincerity.

I also, have a great dire need of learning the Arabic language. I wish to study at the Fajr Institute in Cairo for 14months, complteing the full 13 levels. Inshaa'Allah. This is a total cost of approx.£4000. Please help me fulfill this need of mine, may Allah love you and bless you! Ameen.

Please i ask you for the sake of Allah help me, i'm not sure if you will be reading this, or whether it shall be left on the site... All i can say is, i am being completely sincere. Hence am hoping you will at least give me a reply.

Jazzaka'Allahu Khaire wa Baarak'Allahu fee.

WalaykumusSalam waRahmatullah.


My dear sati,
As salamoalaikum,
I am from India, working for underprivileged Muslims children and orphan who lost their parent every thing due to communal harmony and natural disaster like,flood,earthquake,tshunami,etc,for this we need huge amount of fund for their Islamic brought up and Islamic education.please send us huge amount of money as your zakat donation. all the orphan kids will be benefitted,

SK.Mahbub Basar

Yours truly

Phone-+91 xxxx

We need some donation for welfare





allah hafiz


Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wa barakatuh.
Kepada yang terhormat siapa saja yang membaca surat saya ini.
Saya, Torry Supriyatno, beralamat di Jalan Bali Utara 3/dpn C1 Ungaran 50519 - Indonesia. minta dikasihani, tidak untuk diri saya sendiri, tetapi untuk adik laki-laki saya yang sampai saat ini belum mendapatkan solusi atas terror dan ancaman dari para dept collector atas hutang-hutangnya yang kini sudah mencapai Rp. 100.000.000,- (seratus juta rupiah) yang dia gunakan untuk beaya pengobatan anaknya yang bungsu.
Siapapun yang bersedia membantu, semoga Allah Subhanahu Taala, membalas semua kebaikannya dengan pahala yang berlipat ganda. Amiin.
Bantuan bisa langsung anda sampaikan ke Torry Supriyanto di
Kelapa 2 Rt. 8/10 No 36
Cimanggis, Depok 16951, Indonesia.
Wassalaamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wa barakatuh.


Assalamo Alaykom,Dear sultan of Brunie,I'm A muslim and intended to perform hajj or pilgrimage to makkah but my money is not sufficient,I'm asking for some financial help,Allah will reward you,Salam in thanks,


Ur hajj is not necessary. If u have money do it if not do something else. Sultan is not for this types of support.


Dear sir,

i enter this page and i realy don't know if this is true or not i'm lebanese live in lebanon i have family from three kids me and my husband the reason i write this message that i want to make something for my self a courier to my own self i know there is too many people need money more then me and they are needful more then me but in both way i write this message in honest way i'm not poor i'm normal live in the limit of life but i'm trying from i was a kid to make something for my own self but i couldn't any way if you beleive me and you want to help me i will be thankful for you
best regards if you reply me or not

inquery for scholarshipe

In the Name of ALLAH most gracious, most merciful
(Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day in secret and in public, Have their reward with their lord: On them shall be no fear, Nor shall they grieve.)
Al-Qur’an Sura 2 /274
Hi, I am Addisu munier,33 years old Muslim Ethiopian and a diploma graduate in the field of municipal engineering from Ethiopian Civil Service college in 1998E.C. I am very much interested to continue my further education in the field of architecture, civil engineering or in any related field. I am asking to help me in giving me a student full scholarship in your university founding in your country or in searching and finding a sponsors who could help me in covering the cost for education because in Muslim country it is easer and suitable to practice Islam/ my religion obligations in my life. So I am expressing my enthusiasm in giving service for the money that I am sponsored .Hoping that you will help me in changing my dream in to reality.

Thanking you

defending the sultan of brunei

I guess that the writer of this article is neither knowledgable nor fair .The image of sultan Hassan Bolka in the eyes & hearts of muslims all over the world is gold bright & will never change because of illegal false reports & unethical rumors .
His majesty Sultan Hassan Bolkia is well known king of charity & honesty . he never lied & he conducted a lot of successful projects .
I reassure the king of Brunei that no body whoever is he , is able to harm him because he is watching ALLAH , our lord , & I advise him to proceed with his duties unstoppable & ALLAH will reward him now & at the end day .
I advise those who wrote the comments on the sultan's letter not to take an impression from the first look . as you note that the letter can be looked at from 2 different sides ; why do not you look positively with clear glasses instead of blak glasses that will show you the defects & huide the advantageous beautiful things .

dr.adel alshareef

MOBILE + 966505623730

Assalamuallaikum yang Mulia Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and Family

TO : The Dearest Of Sultan Bolkiah

Dear Sultan Bolkiah,
Assalamuallaikum Wr, Wb . Sultan Bolkiah, God willing, Allah SWT bless you and family. I’ m sorry that much to you because i have been impolite to send this letter to you. Because i don’t know anymore where i have to share my problem and asking for help. Because, i know that my country has so many troubles which are still going on, so i don’t wanna annoy them ( My President and his Deputy ). And it’s been so different with your blessing country which is that peaceful and prosperous. Moreover it’s under your control. I’ve known a bit about Brunei Darussalam because of my will to know more about you and your family and also your kingdom.
Well, i’m Reja, i’m coming from Indonesia, i’m from the simple family in a small city, Bekasi. I’m not now going to university because of money problem. My parents told to me that they’re not able to take me up to the university, they’re scared to loan though I wanna go to university that much. I’ m so sad, I feel desperated. But i have a big intention to study more and more. Because I realize that our future is depended on how big our intention is to acknowledge something we don’t know yet by studying more. And you know I’m the one who doesn’t wanna be killed by the time, therefore, I’m trying to go out from my safe area in my life thru’ sending this letter to you My glorious. I’ve been ready what you’re gonna think about me. You may even be able to punish me, if you feel i’ve been so impudent to you, because i wanna seek my own prosperous from you not here (in my own country). If only i could be born as Bruneian, I would have been so happy, but it’s fine, i couldn’t be Bruneian, at least, i could be the one who stays near to you and your beloved country and i can smile everytime i listen to your prosperous story .
I’m one of the achieveable student in my school, because i wanna try to help my parents not to pay my school fee. i’m from low economy family Our Sultan, I’m Bataknese raced. I am always trying to be ambitious in reaching something bringing my better life. After finishing my high school, i wanna go on my study in University, but my parents couldn’t give my request, if u would like to let me go abroad to study, I’d be happy Our Sultan. I promise, if you helped me to pay my study in university, i would be seriously studying and being the useful individu for everybody, mainly for Moslems. I would get my job there to survive my life, because i don’t wanna ask you my whole payment, i just want u to pay my university abroad, i would like to choose United Kingdom ( UK ). At least, I just want u to pay me for the first, if i could pay my university fee, I would pay that by my self from my salary. I know that i’m just one of much people who asked your help, but please, let me go International to Study Our Sultan. I Promise to be useful individu for you, for your country, for my country also for everybody in my return later.
I asked you such this thing because i don’t know what to do. Because :
1. My father is sick, he’s 63 years old
2. My mother is sick too, she’s 46 years old but she’s still being responsible on her 3 sons by selling snack, coffee in Bus Station

You know Our Sultan, i wanna go out from this life, i wanna get my better life, i wanna be succeeded because according to me, success is a time while being useful for everybody, i wanna be like you Our Sultan. You inspire everybody’s life include me. I’ve ever read about your story, i’m interested in your life term. You have great socialization.ehmmm I admire you…..
I please u so much Our Sultan to help my fee to study in United Kingdom. I think, i’ve been fluent in English because i’ve been taking english course since i was a child. In the middle of My Junior High School, i wanted to be stopped from My English course, i didn’t want. I finally go on by paying my own course fee because I got a job to sell snack, mineral water, and to be keeper of rental PS 2.
Finally, i have to say what my reason is. My reason writes this letter because I got my dream about a woman told to me to ask for help to you Our Sultan. I don’t know how true it was, but there is no mistake to try. Well Our Sultan, I don’t know this letter can or can’t be on your hand. If arriving on ur hand, let me get my brighter future from a generous person like you Our Sultan.
I want u to consider my letter and my request to study abroad. I have a phone number +622188980386 or my email
Thank you so much for wasting your time to read this letter Our Sultan, Allah Bless You and Your family always wherever you are.
Wassalamuallaikum Wr, Wb.

Yours ( Reja)