Sultan Haji Hassanul Bolkiah of Brunei Foundation donation for Islam scam

This scam preys on emotions of Muslims, asking them to donate to a foundation headed by Sultan Hassan Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei.

Of course, a foundation by the name "Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation" does exist. However, it would not need to ask for money (Brunei and the Sultan are oil rich), nor will it do so via an obscure email.

Here is the text of the mail:

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 05:58:13 +0800 (BNT)
Subject: Stand up for Islam
From: "Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah" <>

Greetings in the name of Allah, the most beneficent,the most merciful.

Dear friend in Islam,

In todays world where Islam is being linked to terrorism we muslims have a duty to defend our good religion thereby exonerating ourselves from the negative image being created by western media against our faith. No one else but we muslims can do this for ourselves. Age or gender is not a barrier you can always make an impact no matter who you are.

The sultan of Brunei is currently funding muslims willing to take up a role for the propagation of the good message of Islam. This is the work of ALLAH which we Muslims are called as revealed to his holliness prophet Muhammad(peace be unto his name). We must not continue allowing the western media determine the image of Islam to the whole world.

If you are willing to stand up for our faith please indicate your interest and also a pledge to use any money received judiciously. Then will my international fund managers contact you to raise you a bank draft/cheque. Since this is also a way of paying my zakat(Qur'an 9:60) I am still deciding on the amount you will receive but be informed when you receive the money you use it for the propagation of the good message of Islam for example in radio talk shows , TV , print , internet or any medium prefarable to you like charity works.If you are not in position to undertake this responsibility you may simply pass on any money received to any good muslim within your community who you feel can undertake this project, all I want is good results no matter how money spent.

Your response and any gratitude should be sent to the Sultan Haji Foundation at email: to the attention of my secretary Mr.Yang Mulia Awang Haji or to Mr.J. H.Bin Lunchai. Note that message sent otherwise will not get a reply.

At your leisure you may also view my photo gallery and others by going to website

Best regards,

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah
(King of Brunei)
Lapangan Terbang Lama
Berakas BB1010,
Brunei Darussalam
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education donation

i need just five lakh Pakistani rupee for my education please help me because i belong poor family and cant continue .

help required

please help me for study and want play role for poor people in pakistan

zakat appeal

assalamu alaikum

Greetings in the name of Allah, the most beneficent,the most merciful.
i am from india i am living small village in india karnataka state i am working as pesh imam jamiya masjid and i have 3 doughters 2 learning hafiz course in madarsa partime i am working free berween prayer time i want need help of financial because my house felldown i am cannot arrange money in my work i am very poor man pls contact me help me here no someone give zakah fitra sadakah ,my wife mumtaz begum teaching arabi quraan for childrens in my village my won house fell down because old no big house or place to teach arabi. so pls help me for build my house and for chidrens madarsa.pls contact me jazak--allah khair. khuda hafiz i am waiting your replay.

my address -:Imam Mohamad Jameel Gutti,
Near Bustand At Post Mugad 580007,
district:- Dharwad,
State :- Karnataka state

Allah will reward you,
i will waiting your answer.

Salam in thanks,


assalamu alykum va rahmatullah va barakatuhu

dear sir,
i am studying medicine
i am not having enough money to study
pls help me and every Muslims Allah will help you every moments,

zakat help

i Am a poor person. i have many problem. and also much loan. that wy i want zakat money for release from loan and be free from others problems.
mohammed ferdous
mobili---965 66165381

need help for my muslim brothers and sisters

My name is zaheer ahmed from delhi india.I ma graduate and this time i m running a school for muslim children in delhi this is not a madarsa but a school of middle level.This time in our school there r 500 hundred children who is studying but this school in very poor and backward area .There are 100% muslim but education rate is only 15% because of money problem no one help our school .In school tution fee is only 50 rs/month fron starting level and one free with two student ,can you imagine how can we educate these children .We have all education like computers,urdu english,islamiat,diniyat,arbi and hindi forstudents but we are helpless because of our fund problem because todat expenditure of our school is 50,000/ per month and our income is around 20,000/ per month .I want to help all peoples because they want some help from me and from all of u if any body want to help them than contact me at my e mail.I can show my children and their education if u want please ask
Allah hafiz

want some help

Assalmalaikum,My name is zaheer ahmed and i m running a school for muslims students my condition is not so good and there r 500 hundred children in this school but they r almost free but expendituere is almost 50,000 / month and iwant some help from u if u can do because i wnt that in india all students will be educated all type of education i teach them eng,hindi,arbi, urdu,islamiyat buti m helpless sir please help me ,if u want to help me than mail me my e mail .I m not any fraud if u want to see them than say i can show u the buildin and students and all of us .sir this is the month of ramzan so please send some zakat to these children.

allah hafiz

Seeking Donation/Funds to help the Poor & Needy Muslims

In The Name of Allah The most Beneficient and Most Merciful

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Brother of Isalm, His Majesty Haji Sultan of Brunei,
We are an Organization which help and assist poor and needy muslims. We receive insufficient funds which is not enough to assist or help our muslim community. In our area there are lot of muslim who are unable even to feed or support their childrens in education. In this Holy month of Ramazan they are struggling to buy even their basic daily needs. Then how they would Fast or celebrate Eid. Just imagine what a crime ? People with money have everything and enjoy their life to the summit but the poor and needy are crying with nobody's help coming to them. Is this what Allah wants from our brothers? Make his own brethren to suffer while he to enjoy, NO, wealth has to be distributed to the poor and needy, so help our organization so that we could assist and help these poor and needy muslim people. If Al Mighty Allah wills he will put into your hearts to help or not. But anyway we have to make our efforts and stretch our helping hands to make their life a better one in the future.
This is a request from a humble servant of Allah. Help us if you can.


Your Excellency,

Greetings of Ramadan Kareem and Prayers from Pakistan, Your Higness You must be fully aware that due to disastrous floods in Pakistan over 20 Million People have gone homeless and things are getting worst day by day.


Your donation, which can help flood victims, with money or goods, then please make a contact with us that if you can help people in any of the following.

1- Money to buy animals (Cow, Goat, Horses)
2- To reconstruct houses again.
3- To buy the lost and destroyed agriculture machinery (Agriculture Tractors, Trolleys, Harvesters, Excavators, loaders, Trucks, Pickups etc)
4- To use healthy drinking water, water purification small and portable plants or jeep mounted or on a Toyota diesel pickup mounted
5- To buy the households again.

We can work for you here in Pakistan for the flood victims and it is the time that people really need help..We are not a very resourceful country and we do not want to depend on Government as we think that if you start helping us then we have already selected 25 villages, and in these villages we want to construct small houses consisting 2 rooms and 1 Kitchen I Bath with a front shade.

If your financial support is granted then in next 2/3 months we can start to reconstruct the first village, consisting 150 houses for 150 families.

Please do not neglect and kindly consider to save human’s in Pakistan.

Your truly

Najib Ahmed Sharif
Managing Director
Al Khizre Corporation


Respected Sir

I dont understand that what can i do how i convey my message to his mejisty Sultan Haji Hussan al Bolkiah
i have just one way but all the time my request is failed
i dont understand what can i do sir i am really fadup
sir if possible please help me i am totally hand to mouth
financially but sir i am still request that please give
me visa for your country and i want to do work myself
sir please help me