United States Diversity Visa Lottery Program Scam

Another form of scam preys on the desire of many people in the third world to immigrate. The United States has a Diversity Visa lottery program (USA DV Lottery) to encourage people underrepresented countries to immigrate.

The following fake email impersonates US officials and claims that the recipient won in the lottery and asks for fees via Western Union.

Here is the text of the email scam:

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 18:18:20 +0300
From: "US DEPARTMENT OF STATE" <stategov_diversityvisa@walla.com>

Kentucky Consular Center
1001 Visa Crest
Migrate,KY 41901-1000

Dear Winner,

It ¡s my pleasure to congratulate you on your success in the AMERICAN DV-2008 VISA LOTTERY PROGRAM which was applied and processed by our agency. You were selected as one of the lucky winners on our internet screening machine, for the DV-2008 USA national visa lottery program. Your visa lottery winner's identity is ID-6200DV and your serial net visa passport with us is SNVPh700IU.In this respect, you are directed to forward the following requirements:

l. Your present contact address (for correspondence)
2. Your recent passport photograph.
You can also send your photo(s) by regular mail. The photo must be between 1 1 by 1 1 and 2 by 2 inches (37-50 mm) square, with the applicant¡¯s, spouse¡¯s, or child's name printed on the back. Please mail the photos to:

Immigration Services:
PA/PL, Rm. 3206
U.S. Department of State
Kentucky Consular Center
1001 Visa Crest
Migrate,KY 41901-1000

Or preferably, you can scan them and send via email for faster processing. Clearance /acceptance fees is($989.67)


Your present contact address should be forwarded strictly to our receiving correspondent Mr. Micheal Moore through his email address (stategovoffice@yahoo.com ). We accept Western Union Money Transfer/Money Gram as the ONLY payment method due to some reasons from our past experiences. (Credit card is not acceptable, please.)For information on how to send across the fees, please contact the Clearance Officer Mr.kelly Rose through his email (diversityclearance.stategov@yahoo.com).Your payment confirmation shall be sent to you as soon as clarification is done on your payment.

Providing the above requirements will assure you of getting your Visa Lottery Acknowledgement Card and Visa lottery Security Code which we shall send to your email address.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure you report and forward your Visa lottery Code and Acknowledgement Card to the USA embassy in your individual country for your Green Card and other necessary claims. According to the United States of America's Code of Conduct and Constitution Vol.176/866:Act 690SN guiding all immigration, and Green Card permit Agencies, Non-Response,14 days after you receive this message to your winner's status shall reveal "No interest" and we would in return, refer your lottery code and acknowledgement card back to the USA Government/Immigration Service Center.

We shall be anticipating your reply soon.


Mrs. Cynthia Brown,

Executive Director.



student visa lottery

I'm a student of federal polytechnic ede osun state Nigeria. I posses an OND in building tecthnology, and i like to apply for a visa to the usa, to enable me continue with my studies. I will be glade if my comment are put into consideration. thanks

Confirmation Letter

Hi.Good day sir,
I am among the winner for 2008 American dvd lottery visa from Lagos Nigeria, which i received my first letter but the second letter i've not yet receive. i realy want to know if winner is still valid or not, i will be expeting ur reply as soon as u receive mine comment thank u.

to know i m among the winer of amarican

well im remigus ewulu i want to know if im the one of the winers of amarican lottery my phone number +2347031535612

I would like for you to pay

I would like for you to pay for me to come to u.s.a. and help me.

I am not honest

i want to know if i made it in the dvd American lottery

am from nigeria, west Africa, am one among those who registered their name in the American dvd lottery that is made free for the poor that dont have money to make it to the states, i really will like to know if i made it??? Pls dont forget to contact me
here is my phone number +2348039672576, +2348055247604

Gooddey Sir/Ma

I registerted for the 2008 lottory but no letter recived to show that I won, this my third time puting for this lottory, is it the am not feeling the form very or I don't know please. thanks and God bless

i want to know if i did won for 2007 or not

i and my wife apply but right up date no notice about it.i want to know if any of us did won or not.
thanks you emailing me at se_bastien@yahoo.fr


Hello, how do i get visa lottery form? I need the website and their email address.

send me the list of 2007/2008 winner

i want to take a look at the list of the winner if my name is there.please kindly mail me back to the email above to contact me.