Winnipeg police make arrest in Nigerian Advanced Fee Fraud email scam

Winnipeg police say they've arrested a scam artist who used an e-mail scheme to con an 84-year-old man out of more than $30,000.

The victim received a large number of e-mails between April and September offering him $1.5 million in exchange for his help in unblocking funds held in an account in Nigeria ... Tempted by the promise he'd become an easy millionaire, the man wired more than $30,000 to Ghana, police said.

When the calls kept coming — but his reward money didn't — the man contacted police. With their help, the victim made arrangements for one of the suspects to come to Winnipeg to receive more money.

The man had the nerve to even request a refund for his airfare!

The e-mail scam — known as the Nigerian, West African or 419 letter scam — is a common one. Potential victims receive an e-mail asking for help unlocking a massive inheritance in a bank account in another country, often in Africa, in exchange for a portion of the wealth. 

Via the CBC




poor man...

so glad that the police managed to track down the scam artist - so often they are too difficult to find - thats one of the reasons these nigerian scam emails are so dangerous

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