Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 002

Talked to my brother.

Unlike my mom, he went to his work, and went to pick up a car of a cousin that broke down yesterday. My cousin parked it at Carefour on the outskirts of Alexandria. The army is protecting Carefour, but the saboteurs managed to break its glass. The army conscript at Carefour verified the car license and personal ID before allowing them to tow the car. He said that he saw the people breaking the glass and stopped them making further damage. The car alarm sounded, and the army soldier disconnected the battery.

All army officers are on obligatory leave. Meaning that those on the street are preselected for loyalty, or something along that lines. It means Mubarak is selective, and he does not trust most of the army revolting on him.

Mobile networks are starting to work, but not fully. My mom said she can receive calls only.

Police are no where to be seen in the entire city of Alexandria, and hence the looting by criminals who are taking advantage of the situation.
It is the army that is protecting the directorate of security مديرية الامن.

There are rumors of gangs trying to get prisoners to escape, and talk about the regime being complicit in these actions. Another rumor says 70 prisoners were killed trying to escape.

There is a general feeling that Mubarak is either causing this chaos or allowing it to happen intentionally to emphasize the "stability" broken record he has been saying for 30 years.

My brother saw an Ameen Shorta (police) on the street. Talking to him he arrogantly said عشان تعرفوا قيمتنا "So you know our worth". This SOB is a sign of the arrogance of the much hated police that triggered all this.

Civilians are on the street to direct traffic.

Many businesses are taking the day off tomorrow (30 Jan).

There is gasoline shortage, obviously because of logistics.



revolution !

Egyptians can be proud ! It's a beautiful page of hidtory that you 're writing like tunisians. Hope for a new world from france !