Ancient Egypt Revisionism, Pseudoscience, and absurdities

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Many hoaxes, absurd claims and pseudoscience have been forumlated around Ancient Egypt. From aliens build the pyramids, to alternative chronologies, to claims that all what we known about Egypt is wrong. One good site that debunks many of these claims is Catchpenny. For example, some have claimed that the inscriptions in the temple of Abydos are actually ancient helicopters. Giving rise to all absurd theories about Egyptians being much more advanced technologically, to the claims that aliens visted them! In reality, the helicopters, are a standard plagiarism by one Pharoah obliterating the name of a predecessor, a common occurance then. There is a lot more litter on the information superhighway when it comes to Egypt. Here is another site called Tehuti Research Foundation, by an Egyptian living in the USA. You have to check it yourself. Really! You can also see a list of books on alternative Egypt. Tarek Abdel Motey طارق عبد المعطي is an Egyptian "researcher" who claims that all the translations of the heiroglyphs of ancient Egypt is wrong, from Champollion to Gardiner. He goes on to claim that he knows where the treasure of Qarun is. And even claims that others have "plagiarized" his "research", including a retired police officer by the name Osama El Saadawy أسامة السعداوي ! See also our page on alternative chronologies since lots of it is allegedly connected to Egypt.