Pseudosience: Astronomy: Richard Hoagland and Civilization on Mars?

Hoaxes and absurd claims have always been with humanity since societies started. With the proliferation of the internet, these hoaxes and absurd claims have become more visible due to the nature of the medium. Anyone can setup a web site and say whatever they want on it.One such absurd claim is one made by Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission. In true conspiracy theory fashion, he claims there are technological artifacts on Mars that are proof of previous civilizations on it. He also claims that NASA is covering up these findings, and keeping it away from the public.His views are often aired on a popular radio talk show in the USA, and it is sad that this type of pseudoscience gets air time.Luckily, someone who has the background, the nerves and perseverance, has analyzed his claims and debunked them. It is also good that the media picked up this debunking and gave it coverage.A discussion on Slashdot covered many of the points on why such absurd claims are popular, and given air time.



Hoaglands new award!

The Oslo Royal Society of Sanitation Engineers is proud to announce that the winner of this year's prestigious "Nobel Award and Shiny Medal for Science".

Not to be confused with the less notable "Nobel Prizes", the "Nobel Award and Shiny Medal" is presented on an annual basis by the ORSSE, honorees are chosen by secret ballot in a historical ceremony enacted in the employee's loo, the exact details are a closely guarded secret.
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Mars civilization hoax

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