Pseudoscience: Alternate Chronologies

Many people have claimed that the current chronology of ancient history is wrong, and that it needs to be revised.

Unfortunately, those who advocate such a Revised Chronology often use unscientific methods and attempts to push things to their own view.

Immanuel Velikovsky

Among those revised chronologists are Immanuel Velikovsky, whose work is preserved at The Velikovsky Archives.

David Rohl

Another famous revised chronology advocate is David Rohl whose work A Test of Time is read a lot by those who think the new chronology is right.

Ahmed Osman

Another revised chronology advocate is Ahmed Osman who has written several books, concluding that Joseph's mummy is in the Egyptian Museum (by the name Yuya, a high ranking court official), and that Moses is Akhnaten, and Jesus is Tutankhamen! More can be found on his web site.

He wrote a lot of books on this topic. You can see a list of Ahmed Osman's books on

Al Ahram Weekly had a lengthy profile on him some time ago. 

His 1990 book, Moses and Akhnaten, is being made into a movie called Nefertiti (wife of Akhnaten), by producer John Heyman.

Zahi Hawas, head of Egyptian Antiquities, has refused the theories and even the shooting of the movie (Arabic).

Charles Pope 

Charles Pope is someone who picked the works of all the above people and is trying to advocate it, using his web site.

It should be noted that all the above people are non-specialists in their fields (e.g. a physcian writing about history, ...etc.), and none of their works stood the scrutiny of peer-review known among academics.


The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) is one such body whose mission is to spread these theories.

The Hall of Maat covers many things about historical research, and touches a bit on chronology. Topics range from the Sphinx to Ancient Astronauts to Dating methods.