Pseudoscience: Alien Archeology and Ancient Astronauts

Those who watch TV channels that delve into pseudoscience -- such as The Learning Channel (TLC) -- or love to visit fringe theory web sites, must have encountered Erich von Daniken or his web site.Von Daniken's theory is that ancient astronaut aliens visited Earth several times, and interacted with several civilization. The traces of these visits are everywhere, from ancient Peru to ancient Egypt.It is interesting that the concept of the Ancient Astronaut was popularized by the Egyptian well known writer and columnist, Anis Mansour, in his book "Those who came from the sky" الذين هبطوا من السماءThe Hall of Maat covers the Ancient Astronaut theory on their web site.Others have also written specifically on Von Daniken, for example, the Skeptic Dicitonary and the Debunker.




Oh my God! How funny! I was just telling my friend my theory on this while surfing and looked down at the screen and -BOOM!- there is your comment! Ha Ha! So yes it is true and I dont understand why it freaks people out so much. Limited brain function (I am guessing).


That is THE only explanation. The kind of knowledge that exists in ancient scriptures, texts and manuscripts all over the world, which our science is only now beginning to understand (and not without major help from this ancient knowledge I might add), could not have existed without help from the aliens.

We are the descendants of these aliens who might have lived on other planets once. They brought whatever knowledge that they possibly could with them, geneticly re-engineered us(added a few intelligence genes, deleted a few), to create homo sapiens. That explains the ancient science and knowledge that we have which seems to pre-date our own awakening.

Simple! And of course life exists elsewhere in the universe. How can we assume there is no life on other stars and planets. We havent even finished counting them.

Is that so?

What ancient scriptures, texts and manuscripts are you referring to? I would like to read them.