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Dr. George Saliba on the Influence of Islamic Science in post-Renaissance Europe


On Thursday March 4, 2004, Dr. George Saliba Professor of Arabic and Islamic Science at Columbia University in New York City gave a lecture at the University of Waterloo titled "Reception of Islamic Sciences in Europe".The main points of the lecture were:

    Biography: Joseph Barbatus أبو دقن


    Joseph Barbatus was an Egyptian Copt who lived in early 17th century Paris, France, and taught Arabic there.He is also known as Josephus Barbatus, Abudacnus, which is a latinized version of the Arabic أبو دقن "Abu Dakn" (one with a beard).The fact that he is from Egypt, and a native speaker of Arabic, no doubt made him distinguished in teaching this language. Not only did he teach Arabic, but wrote on Hebrew as well. As a Copt, he also wrote a history of the Coptic church, a work that Edward Gibbons in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is familiar with.His works include:

      Similarities between Arnold Toynbee and Samuel Huntington


      This article discusses the similarities of Arnold Toynbee and Samuel Huntington's philosophy.Arnold J. Toynbee was a reknown Historian. He also worked for the The Britain's Foreign Office and in the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in addition to being a Research Professor of International History at the University of London.Samuel P.

      Vanishing ways - Cooking in Egypt


      Some traditions or customs just vanish over time. Once you are 30 years or more, you start to see this for yourself, reminiscing over how things were like when you grew up, vs. how they are now.These are examples of societies evolving right before your eyes.Let take a few examples from Egypt, related to cooking for example.


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