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Canada Federal Elections 2006: Multiculturalism in Action


An interesting observation about the local race for federal representation in the local riding: none of the candidates for the mainstream parties are Canadian born!

Liberal candidate Andrew Telegdi, a career politician, and the current incumbent was born in Hungary.

Conservative candidate Ajmer S. Mandur is an India-born Sikh who came to Canada as a teenager.  He owns two small businesses

NDP candidate Edwin Laryea is from Ghana. He worked as a teacher, and is a newcomer to politics.

Of course there are other small players who have no parliament presence so far, such as the Green Party, who is represented by candidate Pauline Richards (born in England as well). The religious Christian Heritage Party did not field a candidate locally. The only Canadian born candidate in the riding is Julian Ichim, running for the  Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).

Ariel Sharon's Stroke, Pulsa DiNura And Pat Robertson


It seems that Ariel Sharon's stroke is being attributed to the Pulsa DiNura ("lashes of fire") that was placed on him by extremist Jews for pulling out of the Gaza strip. Pat Robertson seems to agree on this, saying that this is God's punishment, and noting that Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

Orthodox Rabbi Says He Can Live Under Palestinian Rule


Menachem Fruman, a Jewish Orthodox Rabbi in the West Bank settlement of Tekoa, and head of a religious seminary there, has stated that he would not mind living under Palestinian rule. He also says that had talks with Yasser Arafat and Ahmed Yassin where the latter said that "you and me can make peace in five minutes". In the  same article though, an immigrant from the form Soviet Union stated that he would not accept living under Palestinian rule.The pragmatism of the Rabbi is to be commended, and shows that not all religious people are extremist. It shows that extremism and absolutism is a mindset of its own. 

Bush And The Terrorists In Iraq: Who Created Them?


In a recent speech, US President George W. Bush stated that his policy in Iraq is to "stay the course" and not "allow the terrorist to break our will" and "not permit Al Qaeda to turn to Iraq to what Afghanistan was under the Taliban, a safe haven for terrorists and a launching pad for attacks on America". One should remember that none of these "terrorists" were in Iraq before the USA invaded in 2003. Al Qaeda had no presence before that time. These "terrorists" flocked to Iraq as a direct result of the invasion: mainly fuelled by the mere presence of invading forces inflaming emotions by the invasion, but also by the instability and power vacuum in the country that insued after the Saddam regime fell.

On The Use Of Torture By The USA


The Washington Post has a good article by David Luban, professor at Georgetown University Law Center, and visiting professor at Stanford University Law School. The article is titled Torture, American Style. NPR also has Luban as a guest on "The Debate Over Torture", with the other side represented by neo-conservative ideologue Charles Krauthammer, who is a member of the Project for the New American Century, and a columnist for the Weekly Standard.

Egyptian Parliamentary Elections 2005


I have previously written how Gwyn Dyer has characterized the Egyptian Presidential Elections as a Cynical Farce. Now, the third phase of the Egyptian Parliamentary Elections for 2005 has closed, and similarly it is a cynical farce too.

Although the opposition made significant gains, it is not as great as what can be if the elections were really free. The offically banned Muslim Brotherhood gained a relatively big 76 seats.

Did the United States Plot to Bomb Al Jazeera?


It is a known fact that US missiles made their way to Al Jazeera offices in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2001, and Baghdad in 2003.

What is making the news these days is an alleged leaked memo that Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera offices, but Blair disagreed. The source is The Daily Mirror, which is mostly a tabloid.

The White House denies that there was ever such a plan, and the ever so eloquant Blair said it is a conspiracy theory. 

Al Jazeera officals have requested a meeting with Blair to discuss the issue. Staffers at Al  Jazeera have started a "Don't Bomb Us" blog!

France: Marginalisation Of Minorities Causes Alienation And Ethnic Strife


Here is an example of why marginalization of minorities is bad for the whole of society.The largest minority group in France are immigrants from North Africa, namely Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Coming initially from former colonies as cheap labor, they settled in low income run down housing complex in poor suburbs.While the French society puts pressure on immigrants, accepting nothing less than full assimilation (not mere integration), that society never accepts foreigners who have a different language, different religion, different skin color, and different customs.The result is a no-win situation that leaves many youth feeling alienated. They only have mediocre education if any, have no permanent jobs, and have no hope of keeping up. Many succumb to drugs, crime, or religious radicalism.

Britain's Prince Charles to "plead Islam's cause to Bush"


Britian's Prince Charles will be visiting the USA shortly. During this trip he will be holding talks with Bush and trying to reverse the anti-Islam/anti-Muslim rhetoric that is so rampant there.Well, I have to say that this is a noble cause: narrowing the gap between cultures and faiths, and trying to ease tensions. Those can only lead to a more tolerant and a better world.However, I am not sure if Charles' campaign will be met with any success. I am not holding my breath that it will, but I hope I am proven wrong.

Injustice For All Is Justice: Sikhs, Jews, Catholics lose rights because of Muslims


What do Sikhs, Jews, Catholics and Mennonites have in common? We all know they are monotheists, what else? All of them were deprived of certain rights or privileges in Western societies because of the Muslims!

Even though this sounds bizzare, it is true.

France and the Hijab Ban

In France, a ban on the religious headscarf in schools and public workers have been enacted for sometime. Although it was worded as  a ban on overt religious symbols, it was specifically targetting young Muslim women in school.


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