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Ex-CIA spy Graham Fuller: The West is wrong about Islam, and insider's view


Graham Fuller is an ex-CIA spy, and a Rand Corp. researcher who lived and worked in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, North Yemen and Afghanistan. He now lives in Squamish north of Vancouver.He is the author of six books and many articles on Islam. His writing focused on Asian Islamic politics, religion and ethnicity. His articles have appeared in scholarly journals and everything from The New York Times to the Christian Science Monitor.

Professor Jack Shaheen and Reel Bad Arabs


Jack Shaheen is a Christian Arab American professor of Lebanese descent.After observing how Arabs are portrayed in the media, and especially entertainment, he authored a book: Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood vilifies a people, which is also available as a documentary on DVD.You can see excerpts from it on

Lee Iacocca: Where have all the leaders gone?


Lee Iacocca, a great American icon, has written a book called Where have all the leaders gone?In it, he describes the 9 C's which are qualities of leaders, Curiosity, Creativity, Communication, Character, Courage, Conviction, Charisma, Competence, Common Sense, and Crisis Leadership. For everyone he lambasts G.W Bush and Congress for shortcomings over the tenure of the current administration.

Poll finds Denmark is Egypt's second worst enemy, after Israel and before Britian and the USA


A while ago, the BBC reported on a poll conducted in Egypt by a government agency. The poll of 1,000 Egyptians was surprising in its findings. Israel was perceived as the most hostile to to Egypt, which is in itself no surprise. However, it is followed by Denmark, Britain and the United States, in that order!

Some thoughts and impressions on the execution of Saddam Hussein


Although often a brutal dictator, Saddam Hussein's execution was remarkable in many ways.

The mobile phone video of Saddam's execution was taped by one of the attendees, who is a high ranking official.

First, there is his calmness, and composure, and even courage. He was not afraid to die. He refused the blind fold too.

When a group of onlookers mocked him, his reply was "هية هاي المرجلة" meaning "Is this manliness?"

Bush policy in Iraq face tough options


An analysis on the BBC lists the bitter options facing the Bush administration as on what to do with the Iraq quagmire.

  • There are four distinct wars in Iraq:
    • Islamist jihadists against the USA
    • Nationalist militants against the USA
    • Shia militants against Sunnis
    • Sunni militants against Shia
  • The options so are are:
    • Withdraw. This will only cause the violence to escalate, and perhaps a full scale civil ware.
    • Increase the troops in Iraq. Public support may be limited and Congress may not approve the budget.
    • Threaten to leave, in order to pressure the Iraqi government. That may not work, and the insurgents will see it as a victory.
    • Negotiate with the insurgents. Unlikely.
    • Divide Iraq into 3 autonomous states. This will cause all the conspiracy theorists who said this will happen be proven right.
    • Continue what is being done today. Seems not to have worked, so why would it work in the future.

Read the details on the BBC

Quotes from a secret letter from Iraq by a US Marine


In the words of a farmer, the most profound man in Iraq, who are the foreign fighters?

Most Profound Man in Iraq — an unidentified farmer in a fairly remote area who, after being asked by Reconnaissance Marines if he had seen any foreign fighters in the area replied "Yes, you."

Another telling quote about high ranking visitors:

VIPs demand briefs and "battlefield" tours (we take them to quiet sections of Fallujah, which is plenty scary for them). Our briefs and commentary seem to have no effect on their preconceived notions of what's going on in Iraq. Their trips allow them to say that they've been to Fallujah, which gives them an unfortunate degree of credibility in perpetuating their fantasies about the insurgency here.


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