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USA Presidential Elections 2004: The World does a Shadow Vote


The elections for president in the USA will happen tomorrow, Tuesday November 2, 2004. While there is no clear winner can be predicted so far, the rest of the world has decided who they want.There are many shadow votes and international votes out there. Start by taking a look at Global Vote 2004 who predict that John F. Kerry would win in all regions of the globe with a wide margin (77% to 71% of total) over George W. Bush (14.8% to 7.9%).

Symbolism in Lewis Carroll's 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'


Children stories often carry a moral message. This is not a new thing, and has been the case since millennia and across many cultures around the globe.

Sometimes, the moral story is not direct, and indeed can be very deep,and sometimes it is enveloped in satire or even cynicist philosophy.

Samuel Huntington's Hispanic Challenge


Samuel Huntington is still going strong.In the March/April 2004 of Foreign Policy, he published an article titled "The Hispanic Challenge"Basically, he continues to create enemies for America, whether real or imagined. First it was the "Islamic Civilization", and the "Confucian Civilization". This time it is the enemy within: The Hispanics!What a hot button it is with many American today, and what effect on immigration will it have?

Similarities between Arnold Toynbee and Samuel Huntington


This article discusses the similarities of Arnold Toynbee and Samuel Huntington's philosophy.Arnold J. Toynbee was a reknown Historian. He also worked for the The Britain's Foreign Office and in the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in addition to being a Research Professor of International History at the University of London.Samuel P.

List of Home Grown Terrorists in the U.S.A.


Most of the last few years' media coverage on terrorism focused on "Islamic terrorism". This is somewhat not surprising after the spectacular media coverage of September 11.

However, this coverage ignores that inside America, there has always been some home grown terroists. By home grown, I mean that they are born in America, mostly whites, of Christian background, and not 'foreign' nor 'alien'in any sense of the word. They are mainstream Americans ethnically and culturally.

Here is a sampling of some home grown terrorism:


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