Residential Compounds in Jeddah

In Jeddah, you can live in apartments, or you can live in residential compounds(also called complexes, or sometimes: "camps"). Compounds offer a better life style, since there are often recreational facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, playground, shopping bus, school bus, ...etc.)Here is a list of some compounds in Jeddah, some are upmarket executivestyle, and some geared to professionals.



Saudia City Compound

My husband is working in Jeddah, and will be moving shortly to Saudia City Compound. I will be following in next 90 days or so. Trying to get/find pictures so we know what to expect. Can anyone help us out? Hope so, please email back to:

Thank you

Accommodation in Saudia City Compound

Hi there, I am living in Jeddah and are very interested to find accommodation in the Saudia City Complex.
I need a studio or 1 bedroomed apartment.
Can you please give me a contact number at Saudia City as I can't find it anywhere.

Saudi City Compound Contact Information

Good Morning!
I sincerely hope you were successful in your quest to re-locate to Saudi City. I too, am interested for me and my husband and am 'stuck' as how to get in contact with the right person/people to discover any availability. Do you now have this information? Do you now live on the Saudi City compound? My husband travels daily to Thuwal, as he works on the University Project and is exhausted when he returns. THe Saudi City Compound would be an ideal location for him. Let me know?? Many Thanks !

hi there r many hotel type

hi there r many hotel type appartment r availble here which contain 2 bed and 3 bed two and living area kicthen and bathroom .they have no problem with water supplaies.these u can find easily any where in jidah.the cost is normal 2000 riyal a month thanks


hi i am looking for an apartment in jeddah in a camp 1 bedroom 1 living room one 1 toilet 1 kitchen full furnished for 15000 to 18000 per year thanks

salam, can any 1 plzz guid me

salam, can any 1 plzz guid me which compound is good in quality and rents .i will join jeddah in 10th of job is in khaldiyah oppisite to saudia looking for 3 bed rooms villa .hope some body will help. thank you

Compound information in Jeddah

Listed here are some contacts of compounds in Jeddah.

You may call the phone no to arrange appointment with compound manager to view the houses

Do you know of any less

Do you know of any less expensive compounds around the Naeem, Nahda, Prince Sultan areas?
Budget upto 50k