Residential Compounds in Jeddah

In Jeddah, you can live in apartments, or you can live in residential compounds(also called complexes, or sometimes: "camps"). Compounds offer a better life style, since there are often recreational facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, playground, shopping bus, school bus, ...etc.)Here is a list of some compounds in Jeddah, some are upmarket executivestyle, and some geared to professionals.



Desperately Searching


I've been looking for a villa/apartment in a compound (3 or 4 Bedrooms) within a price range 70 or 75 thousand.

I've been calling compounds but I can't seam to find anything that I know of in that range.

Can someone please point me in the right direction.

Nada Village

Nada Village seems to be the only reasonable priced compound in my budget (less than 45K). It is 45k for a two bedroom do not know the size of the apartment or the facilities at Nada Village as their staff are not that helpful on the phone and they don't have a website or pictures available. Will be moving to Jeddah later on this year.

Nada Village is a dump.. but

Nada Village is a dump.. but its cheap. The place is mainly non westerners, and the outside of the houses look bad.. inside the houses its not bad. But you get what you pay for... I would recc. if you have a little more money go somewhere else, unless you are there just to save money.

Nada Village is a dump (with no buts)

Nada Village is indeed a dump. I lived there for a couple of years because it was cheap, but now it's getting to be as expensive as other luxury compounds. The place is filthy, maintenance sucks, you have to pay for each and everything you want done (even lawn mowing!!). Avoid if you can.

Compund in Jeddah

hi, i will be moving to jeddah in a short while. can any one please let me know 2-3 bedroom compund prices. and also are there only villas in compunds or apartments as well?

hi, i am an expat residing in

hi, i am an expat residing in jeddah. I can help anyone who needs questions answered regarding moving to jeddah. marzanpo AT hotmail. com

renting in compounds

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you all doing well. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is open to the idea of sharing a place on a compound. I'm a 26 years old single american guy.If anyone is interested I would greatly appreciate an email from you at

Also, does anyone know where I might be able to find listing of rental prices on different compounds for 1-2 bedrooms (thats if im gonna be staying alone)? Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care and best regards

House in compund


I am looking for a reasonably affordable 2 bed room house in any compound in Jeddah, please email me.

Home in Jeddah

I will be landing soon in Jeddah to work for a hopital in Al Hambra. My Housing allowance in SR 25,000, so can you please advise if this is sufficient to get a moderate standard, fully furnished house in Al Hamra.

If so, can you please send me the contacts of Brockrage firms with whom i can get in contact to arrange for my accommodation upfront,
Thanks to all,


rental prices in compounds

I would be grateful if someone could let me know what is the highest monthly rent for 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom unfurnished and furnished apartments in Arabian Homes, Al Basateen or Al Hajareen.