Residential Compounds in Jeddah

In Jeddah, you can live in apartments, or you can live in residential compounds(also called complexes, or sometimes: "camps"). Compounds offer a better life style, since there are often recreational facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, playground, shopping bus, school bus, ...etc.)Here is a list of some compounds in Jeddah, some are upmarket executivestyle, and some geared to professionals.



Compound or Villa

Dear Sir

Would like to know about compounds or villas nearby Al Hamra
My Budget is 60,000SAR.

Please advise few of them, list down and forward to me the contact details also.


Aamir Sohail

Cost of living in a compound area??

Which place is good to live in in Saidi Arabia. We were looking for an expat community (compound area). Can a rent of SAR 2200/month find us a good place to live in?


No you cant with 2,200/month find a good compound.

However, this rent is good for a nice 2 bedroom apartment in a building.

As far as I know average rents for 2 bedrooms like Sharbatly range from 55000 per annum to 65000.

Also there are other compounds that you can rent 3 bedroom for around 65000 (Mubarakia Compound)

Easiest thing to do once you arrive in Jeddah go to Jarir bookstore and buy the new booklet called Jeddah Today. This has all the contacts for the compounds where you can check and find whatever meets your requirements.

i am looking for 3 bedroom

i am looking for 3 bedroom with facilities for kids under 2 years old ( price less than SR 90,000)...

any help?????

hi , im also looking 4 the

hi , im also looking 4 the same info pls can u guid me if u have some.

Need Information about Jeddah

Good Day Everyone

My name is Rehan Anwar Khan and I am Pakistani national moving to Jeddah in March for work. I am looking for accomodation in one of the modern compounds in Jeddah. Could you kindly guide me on how to get information about these compounds and how could I approach their management to seek rental of a home/appartment in the best compound in Jeddah.

Also, could you guide me on which is the best location to live in Jeddah and how much will the rental cost be in this area. I am offered SR20,000/- including car and home rental. Would this be sufficient for me.

Looking forward to your urgent feedback.


Rehan Khan
Cellular # +92-333-3800831


AOA Rehan,

Pls let me know if you have received any info....I am getting similar offer....just want to know the price for accommodation in compound....let me know if you have any info...about the life in jeddah and that salary is enough or not....


3 Bedrooms Compound in Jeddah

i am interested in renting out a 3 bedroom villa in rawdah or al hamra. could you be kind enough to send me the prices of different styles of villas.