The Advanced Fee Fraud / 419 Nigerian Scam

Those who have been on the internet for some time, must know the Nigerian scam. This is the one where you get an email from someone who claims he is the relative of some deceased African president/dictator/official who amassed millions of dollars and agree to give you This is known as the Advance Fee Fraud, or the 419 scam. There are many variations in this fraud, but all center on some West African country, such as Nigeria, but also include Ghana, Togo, Congo and others. Some use South Africa as well. There has been some investigations and arrests for such scams, but all of them were in Australia or the Netherlands.I receive a lot of these emails, but here are two examples that stand out, because they use unconventional background/tone.



Do you think this would work?

Do you really think that criminals will see what you wrote and feel ashamed, and repent?