What does the name "Khalid" mean?

My first name is Khalid. In Arabic, this is خالد. It was originally spelled Khaled with an "e", to  be more in line with the Egyptian pronounciation, but at some point I decided that Khalid with an "i" is closer to the classical version. The problem is that in English, this is taken to be a long "i", as in "-leed". It is more  like "lid".

Khalid is a pre-Islamic Arabic name meaning "immortal". One of the earliest famous persons called Khalid is Khalid Ibn Al-Walid, a n Arab general whose conquests against the two most powerful empires of the time (Byzantine and Sassanian) brought him everlasting fame. He is one of a few military commanders who never knew defeat in battle.




my name

my name is Khalid..i love my name....

i love khalid and i like

i love khalid and i like thoes pepol who love khalid.


My name is Khalid and i love khalid name as it is the name originated from Qur'an and Hazrat Khalid bin waleed is my favourite personality as he got the talent to defeat his enemy just with his mind thats y he was never defeated in any battle and this name give me some kind of satisfaction

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my name is khalid. and i am very happy with this name.and i thanks to my mama and dady for giveing me this.and i so kool and helping because of that.

khalid - eternal

i met this guy who changed my life.
i dont't know if he knows about it.
but he really turned my world upside down.
the first time i heard his name,
it had such a big impact on me.
and i found out that the name means eternal.
nice name and nice meaning.
nice guy who has that name also.
he will stay in my heart, eternally.

Sayf Allahu Al Maslool

Just came across this page, and its great to see how many Khalid's are around :) I am Palestinian, and I pray that one day a 'real' Khalid (with Khalid Ibn Al Waleed's intelligence and courage), will liberate my country and free us, the Palestinians, from the clutches of our inhumane occupiers.


My name is Khalid too, easy on the lurve ppl!, jazakallah khairun though.


My sons name is Khalid,and the book meaning of the name is immortal or eternal, which is why I named him with this name. I felt I'd acieved my immortality when I gave birth to him!

my name is khallid (with 2

my name is khallid (with 2 l's) I don't know why my parents named me that, but every one always miss pronounce my name