E.G.C. Class from 1982 - Prep 3

Yessin Ashmawy was in the E.G.C. from 1973 to 1982. This is the picture from his Prep 3 class. I recognize Mr. Wali on the left.

Back Row: Amr, Ashraf Zaher, Tamer abd el Gawad, Ayman Kora, Yessin Ashmawy, Ayman Mouktar, Omar Melegey, Khalid Sakr, Ahmad gamal el deen Mouktar, Amr Shakankeeri, Lamia Baheyeldin
Mid Row:Mr. Wali, Dalia Ragab, Amal Ragab, Amal, Noura Rashad, Gihan, Randa abd el 3atee,Rashda Mady, May Nageeb, Safaa Zeydan, Hanan Samaha, Mrs Salwa
Front row:Iman mohamad, Hebatallah Hussain, Iman, Sawsan el Bakry, Iman Hassan, Inas Hegazy, Gihan al Gazar, Fatma el Defrawi, Iman, Abou state, Safa abu el sood



Nice Picture

I can't believe how young we all look! Thanks Yessin (whom I haven't seen in, well, decades!) for posting this picture. It brings back many fun memories. That was our (boys') last year at EGC and most of us reluctantly transferred to Victoria College the following year.


yassin you are the brother

yassin you are the brother manal ashmawy she was with me from class 1983 senior
your mother and father live in usa and you were here with your grandma

you forget me yassin

what about the first girl in the mid row yassin at the left beside mr wali ????
you dont mention her name ,, remeber pleaaaaase .
im fatima abdelaziz...(libyan) ????