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Archeology in Alexandria, Egypt

Egypt is literally floating on archeology. In Alexandria, it is
not uncommon to find Roman amphorae and artifacts when digging
foundations for buildings.

  • Franck Goddio has done extensive marine archeology excavations in the eastern harbor of Alexandria, and in other places in Egypt (Abu Qir for example). Very interesting photos there.

  • 'Treasures of the Sunken City' - A PBS/NOVA Online Presentation on the treasures discovered under the sea off the shore in Alexandria.


Alexandria, Egypt Fanaticism

Alexandrines have a deep love for their city, often bordering on
fanticism. Being from a city that was founded 23 centuries ago, named
after Alexander the Great, been the trade emporium for centuries, a
center of learning for Hellenic and Christian, culture does make us
feel special.

Top 10 differences between Us (Alexandria) and Them (Cairo)

  1. They call Metro what we call Tram!
  2. They confusingly paint their taxis Black and White, instead of Black and Orange!
  3. They don't know how to say "Ayoooh" when surprised!
  4. They don't know how to to say everything in plural!


Symbolism in Lewis Carroll's 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'


Children stories often carry a moral message. This is not a new thing, and has been the case since millennia and across many cultures around the globe.

Sometimes, the moral story is not direct, and indeed can be very deep,and sometimes it is enveloped in satire or even cynicist philosophy.


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