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The rise and fall of non-English writing in Internet communities


This article documents some observations on the evolution of non-English writing systems on internet communities, such as chat, newsgroups and forums.In the mid and late 1990s, the growth of internet usage was explosive, specially as it spread outside North America and Western Europe.Early adopters are technically savvy people, who most likely can speak and read English because of their education and/or work, such as scientists, and programmers.Then as technology spreads among the less technologically savvy, people who do not know English well want to express themselves in their native lang

Selected Symbolic Novels And Movies


The following novels and movies all share the fact that they are mostly a critique of existing or perceived dangers to society. They all have a political or a moral message warning society of those dangers, or critiquing them.I provide here a brief description of what the novel is about, and a link to the summary of it to those who are short on time.

Introduction to Digital Archeology


As our civilization moves to almost all digital forms of storage and archiving of various aspects of life, it is important that this history is preserved for the future generations in a way that would accurately reflect how this civilization really is. This article details some of the difficulties that would face future archeologists, and how to get over them now, for the sake of the future.

Red Fox in Ontario


Today, I saw my first Red Fox in Ontario. I was not aware that foxes were native to Ontario until this encounter.I was at the Laurel Creek Conservation Area, which is a nature area at the edge of the city of Waterloo, used for picnics, camping and other recreational activities here.On the way out, about 7:45 pm (one hour before sunset), we saw a fox crossing the road, and disappearing in the bushes. It had the typical dark extremities, and white tail tip.You can read more on the Red Fox in Ontario.

Why tapes are still the most efficient backup method?


For businesses it is obvious that the vast amount of data (at the time of writing this, tens and hundreds of gigabytes, if not terabytes) make high capacity tapes the medium of choice for backup.

Large data centers cannot live without tape libraries AND offsite tape storage and rotation, to cover against the case of a disaster.

Believe it or not, tape drives are also the best backup for a home system as well.

Linux in the Arab world


If you are interested in Linux and live in the Arab world you may be interested in the following web sites:

Linux: Tape backup for a home network



In another article, I have discussed why tapes are still the most efficient form of backup. In this article, I detail how I used tapes in a Linux based home network for backup purposes, using a Seagate/Certance STT20000A IDE ATAPI Internal Travan TR-5 Tape drive. There are also several resources listed.

Read below for more ...

Linux: Fixing Mandrake URPMI media sources after an upgrade


When upgrading Mandrake, e.g. from 9.1 to 10.0, make sure you delete the old and synthesis.* files from the previous release, and use urpmi.addmedia to add the new release media (CD) to your machine.Here is a list of commands to do that:cd /var/lib/urpmi/# Cleanup the old media for URPMI.# Note: You could delete everything, or just choose to delete the ones that are on the old 9.1 CDs.

Interrupting Interruptions, or How Technology affects daily life


Take an average work day of a 'knowledge worker', someone whose main work day is around information. For example, a programmer, a stock broker, and other office workers.She probably has a cell phone, and an organizer. This is in addition to the land line she has on her desk. Of course she also has a desktop computer, or a laptop that she takes with her at home and on trips. On that computer, she must have email, e.g. Microsoft Outlook probably with immediate notification when a message arrives. She also has an Instant Messaging program, such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ or MSN Messenger.


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