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Windows Problems


Microsoft Windows is not a stable nor a secure Operating System.


If you want a quick test, then click here to crash Windows!


Several incidents have demonstrated that Microsoft products in general are notbuilt with security in mind. I think that the best explanation for this stemsfrom the single-user/single-computer mentality that MS-DOS started with. Thispropagated to Windows 3.x and then Windows 9x.

Regardless of what the cause is, this leaves us with a system where any program

Residential Compounds in Jeddah


In Jeddah, you can live in apartments, or you can live in residential compounds(also called complexes, or sometimes: "camps"). Compounds offer a better life style, since there are often recreational facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, playground, shopping bus, school bus, ...etc.)Here is a list of some compounds in Jeddah, some are upmarket executivestyle, and some geared to professionals.



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  • Immigration Process
    • Timeline
    • The Visa
  • The Landing Process
    • The trip
    • jet lag
    • Arrival
    • Lester B. Pearson Airport
    • Thomas Cook (Should be Thomas Crook?!)
    • 1$ in coins is needed for a luggage cart (refundable)
    • The landing
    • declaration
    • The polite but cross lady
    • immigration
    • Lora, the nicest Passport Officer I've ever seen You can apply for citizenship 3 years from today, You can go out for 6 months in any 12 months period A friend told me that welcomebaggagecustoms
    • "Uptight guy" No beef allowed.
    • Waterloo
    • Mississauga
    • Lodging

  • Saudi Arabia's ISPs - Correction/Additions/Comments


    Do you like this site? Tell me why? Do you hate this site? Also why? What do you think about the layout? How about the content? How can this site be improved? All additions, corrections, and comments are welcome. Whether you are an ISP, an end user, a manager, or whatever, you can submit any new information or correction to existing information. E-mail to Khalid M. Baheyeldin, the author of this page at feedback page. Many readers of this site have expressed their thanks for the information included. Let me know what you think as well.

    Red Sea Treasures


    The Red Sea is considered as a separate eco-system, being only connected at its southern end to the Indian ocean (that is until recently, a little over a century, when the Mediterranean Sea was connected to it by the Suez Canal.

    This isolation, has caused the Red Sea to be unspoilt over the eons. Its corals are still in good shape compared to other regions of the world where human activities take their toll on the environment.

    Egyptian Humor: Nokat, Jokes نكت مصرية


    Egyptians are known to crack up new jokes every day. If the joke is not on politics, rulers, daily life, Upper Egyptians, then it is on themselves. Jokes help the average Egyptian get along with crowded streets, the boss at work, the spouse at home, and many other daily ordeals.

    Here is a list of sites that you can visit to get lots of jokes.


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