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Rayyan Valley


The Rayyan Valley lies about 20 km west of El Fayyoum, a fertile depression south west of Cairo, Egypt. It is visible from any airplane passing over the area, where the two lakes (see below) are clear. It is a spectacular view to see the Fayyoum oasis, surrounded by desert and barren mountains from all sides, Lake Qarun from the North West, and the life-giving Bahr Youssef (a tributary from the Nile River).

Below are some pictures. Here is another link to Rayyan Valley photos by an Egyptian Canadian.

Desert Hare Hunting


There are lots of wild animals in the desert. One of them is the desert hare. It is occasionally hunted for sport and for its gamy meat. During the hunt outlined below, two adult hares were shot. Their meat is delicious: dark and gamy, and has a unique flavor, reminiscent of wild fowl.

The technique of the hunt is quite challenging for such a small quarry. It has to be done in complete darkness. The 4-wheel drives wander in the desert until a hare is spotted (via the headlights), then the chase begins. The hunter uses a regular shotgun to shoot the hares. Because of the sand dunes and the rough terrain, there is an element of danger and risk always looming.

Desert Fossils


For the unprepared traveller, the Egyptian Desert (like any desert) can be merciless, and even deadly. However, for the prepared explorer, it has a vast store of treasures waiting to be discovered. In this page, we focus on fossils.

Below are some pictures

El Gezira Tower


El Gezira Tower was build in 1961. It is 187 meters tall, and is located in the center of an island in the middle of the Nile River in Cairo. It has a very nice view of Cairo from all around. You can see the old Citadel, The Pyramids, old Cairo, the Nile river flowing from the south and into the north, and a lot more.

Here are some pictures of the tower, and from the tower

Extended Family - Ahmed Abou Youssef


My only maternal uncle is Ahmed Y. AbouYoussef. He used to have lots of hobbies, including fishing, hunting, boating, ...etc. In the hunting area, he used to shoot every available game in Egypt,starting from water fowl (Pintail duck (بلبول), Teal (شرشير), Mallard (خضاري), and other species), quail سمان, coot غر, to Egyptian Wild Cat, Jackal, Egyptian Cobra snakes, Tawny Eagle, and other stuff. Oh my! Those were delicious (the edible birds, I mean! Not the snakes).

Antiques Collection


I am fond of antiques, heritage, and the like. The real collector in the family is my mother. Throughout her life, she was an avid collector of antiques from various parts of the world. Here are some samples of things that were collected from various places over Egypt of the previous decades.

These pictures will give you an idea on what we like. They were taken by a (now old) Minolta Dimage Digital camera.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.


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