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Saudi Arabia's ISPs - Price Comparison


Update: The per-minute access charges are now reduced to 3 SR per hour. That is a 33% reduction over the previous rate. Update: On May 14, Reuters reported (according to this ZDNet article) that prices will be reduced, perhaps by June 2000! Some providers have already cut the prices down (e.g. TriNet has cut its unlimited monthly subscription from 420 SR to 200 SR.

Saudi Arabia's ISPs - Introduction


So, you live in Saudi Arabia, and all your friends and colleagues at the office have Internet access, except you, that is...You want to get an internet account, but puzzled on what is available in the market... Or perhaps you are a young Saudi studying abroad, and get internet access at your university. Your study is coming to an end, and you are moving back to the kingdom, and wonder what internet access is available these days... Or maybe your company is moving you to Saudi Arabia, and you don't know what internet access options are there in that country...

MidEast Internet : Middle East Internet Statistics


This site contains some useful statistics that were gatheredfrom various sources, and addressing the Middle East Arabic Speaking countries.

Some comparison is provided for North American and Europe as well.

Note: For the year ending 13 March 2000, Internet users in the Arab World has doubled over the last year! It is forcasted that by the end of 2002, they will number 12 million. Read all about it in the Estimated Installed Base of Internet Users.

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Saudi Arabia's ISPs - Cost of Access: Arabs vs. West!


If you compare the cost of accessing the internet in the Arab region, versus what it costs in USA and Canada, you will find it much less favorable.

In the United States, a regular unlimited access monthly account would cost around 20 US$. Moreover, there are absolutely no charges per minute from the local phone company.

Saudi Arabia's ISPs - Speed


Update - March 2000 It seems that Alexandria, Egypt has now surpassed Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the internet speed! During Eid/Hajj holidays, my surfing experience in Alexandria, Egypt was significantly better than the daily suffering in Jeddah. How long is a string? How high is up? What I mean is how fast is fast? Speed is a relative thing. Having said that, we can offer comparison with Internet access in other countries in the region. Compared to (say) the internet in Alexandria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia's internet seem to be more consistent,


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