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Internet Fraud: Scam in the name of Suzanne Mubarak

The usual internet scams never end. They are often in the name of someone corrupt and famous.

After the revolution of 2011, Egyptians deposed Hosni Mubarak. And now there are scams in his wife's name, as follows:

Mrs. Suzanne Hosni Mubarak
Resident Address: Kamal El Din One St.
Garden City, Cairo Egypt.

Dear Sir/Madam


How to install MiniDLNA on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr



When I was running Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS on my home server, I had installed minidlna as a media server that is accessible to DLNA capable clients, including a Smart TV where one can view photos on a large screen.

However, when the server was upgraded to 14.04 LTS, minidlna stopped working. Searching Google turned up forum posts from 2014 with instructions that no longer work.

Arabic Origins of Modern Western Star Names



When an Arabic speaking person starts to get interested in Astronomy, he will immediately notice that many stars have Arabic sounding names.

For example, the other day, I was in the backyard with a 20 year old relative. I was

The reason for this is historic, and has to do with how the knowledge of sky with its constellations, and stars moved from one civilization to the next. First, Ancient Egypt to Babylon, then to the Greeks, then translated into Arabic during the Islamic golden age, and from there to Europe via Latin by yet more translation.

Mistaken Identity: Musical Instruments Supplier

I got the following message on my web site today. I have no idea why someone would mistake my site for a company that sells musical instruments ...

deepak [deleted] ([deleted] sent a message using the
contact form:

dear sir,

Pls. send us a quotation for musical instruments for school band -



The Raspberry Pi 2 as an Internet Radio using Mopidy



Recently I got a Raspberry Pi 2, which is said to be 6 times faster than the original Raspberry Pi B. This makes it more suitable for tasks like being a media player.

Getting a full CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Ultimate Starter Kit adds many components for experimentation (LEDs, resistors, breadboard, 40-pin ribbon cable, ...etc.). The price was attractive since with Amazon you get free shipping, and therefore it will be cheaper than getting it directly from CanaKit.

Fixing a few bugs in Python pywapi related to Canadian cities



While experimenting with the pywapi I found a few problems that require an article, in case someone is facing the same issues.

First, for Canadian cities, you need a more current version of pywapi. On Ubuntu 12.04, the python-pywapi is 0.2.2-1 and does not have the API for The version on 14.04 is 0.3.6, and does have that API.

Second, you need to find the code for your city. Here is a list of codes.

al-Hakim: Religious Policies

Al-Hakim's religious policy was as erratic as his other policies. He would issue a decree, then after a while, he would annul it for no apparent reason. His policies were catastrophic for Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike, and his actions caused a change in world history as you will see below.

Forbidding Sunnis from Pre-Noon and Taraweeh Prayers, and other things


al-Hakim: Threatening death for trivial things

Al-Hakim also was used to threaten death for seemingly trivial things.

For example, he said that death is the punishment for anyone who addressed any other person as Sayedna or Mawlana:

معاشر من يسمع هذا النداء من الناس أجمعين إن الله وله الكبرياء والعظمة أوجب اختصاص الأئمة بما لا يشركها فيه أحد من الأمة‏.‏
فمن أقدم بعد قراءة هذا المنشور على مخاطبة او مكاتبة لغير الحضرة المقدسة بسيدنا أو مولانا فقد أخل أمير المؤمنين دمه
فليبلغ الشاهد الغائب إن شاء الله‏.‏

Those who ate fish without scales, or possessed raisins were threatened with execution:



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