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Information Readability and Longevity in the Digital Age


Over the millenia, humans have collected and catalogued the accumulated knowledge of civilization in libraries. These knowledge depots are of the utmost importance for us to learn about the preceding generations. How they lived, what they ate, why did they go to war, and against whom, what poetry, songs and music did they have, what did they wear, what their dwellings looked like, and much more.

Cuneiform on clay tablets, and Hieroglyphs on stone

شوية فول


واحد غلس كل يوم يروح لعربية الفول
يقول للراجل بنص جنيه فول
بياع الفول يحط له الفول
يقول له طب شوية زيت
بياع الفول يحط الزيت
الراجل يقول له طب حبة ملح
يحط ملح
يقول له طب لمون كمان
يحط لمون
يقول له اللمون كثير، طب حط شوية فول بقى عشان يتعدل
يحط له فول
يقول له الفول كدة كثير
طب كمان شوية زيت
و يفضل على الموضوع دة نص ساعة كل يوم
مرة راح لبتاع الفول و عمل الفيلم دة
و قال للراجل طب شوية فول كمان
بتاع الفول طلع بوزه من الراجل
و راح ماسك القدرة كلها و راميها في الشارع

Using Linode Dynamic DNS with OpenWRT



If you have a VPS at Linode, then you have free Dynamic DNS. You can use that from a regular Linux machine, or from a router that runs OpenWRT.

This article describes how to setup an OpenWRT router with Linode Dynamic DNS.

First, the script itself, which goes into the file: /etc/custom/

BASE=`basename $0 .sh`
DIR=`dirname $0`


# Read the configuration file
if [ -r "$CONF" ]; then
  . $CONF

Logging with Syslog-NG on OpenWRT



Update 2020-07-09: With the latest 19.07.3, syslog-ng is no longer the preferred option. Instead, read my other article on using rsyslog with OpenWRT.

Update 2014-10-08: If you upgraded to the stable Barrier Breaker 14.07, and Syslog-NG is not available, or if don't want to use Syslog-NG for any other reason, please check our other article on using the built in logging feature of OpenWRT to write the log to a file.

We wrote earlier on OpenWRT on D-Link DIR-835. Now, we need to expand the functionality a bit more.

On OpenWRT, the default logging mechanism is an in-memory circular buffer. The user interface for it is the logread command. The log buffer default size is 16 kB. There are a couple of directives that can be set in the system configuration for OpenWRT, but because of the limited size of flash and the non-permanence of RAM, you need another solution if you want to store logs for anything longer than a day or two.


Syslog-NG is a good system logging program that is available for OpenWRT.

Solutions for Android battery drain because of suspend_backoff/Wakelocks



If your Android phone is suffering from suboptimal battery life, you may be suffering from suspend_backoff problems. This happens when the phone is woken up by applications in quick succession, so it decides to keep the phone awake for a little while. For example, there is data to be sent over WiFi, so the WiFi connection is kept awake, which keeps the phone awake.

Youtube/Flash not working on Semperon under Ubuntu? Use Gnash!



If you are using Ubuntu 12.04 on an older computer with a Semperon CPU, you will soon find that Flash is not working and therefore Youtube videos will not work either.

Adobe Flash built with SSE2 flag

This is because Adobe has build the recent Flash versions with the SSE2 flags enabled, yet many Semperons lack this particular flag.

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
vendor_id : AuthenticAMD
cpu family : 6
model : 8
model name : AMD Sempron(tm) 2600+

Four hours of battery time on a Linux laptop



I previously wrote about reducing CPU usage for Firefox by disabling Firebug. Later, I wrote on disabling the YSlow extension also reducing CPU usage.

Now, the laptop is able to exceed 4 hours of battery time under Kubuntu Linux 12.04:

Four hours, seven minutes:

09:37:27 localhost pm-utils: Power source switched to battery, Battery: discharging, A/C adapter: off-line

Quick How To: Installing OpenWRT on the D-Link DIR-835 wireless router



This is a quick how to for installing OpenWRT custom firmware on a D-Link DIR-835 router.

Though these instructions were tested on the DIR-835, they apply to many other router models from Linksys, Netgear, ASUS, and many other brands.

Check if your hardware is supported

مهند الحطاب


مهند الحطاب، شاب سوري بيقلد العرب و المصريين في فيديوهات قصيرة جدا مضحكة

هنا مجموعة من فيديوهاته

مذيعة بتقول للكوافيرة تعمل شعرها ازاي

بنت صاحبها سابها

بنت صاحبها سابها الجزء الثاني

جاك و روزا بعد التيتانيك ما غرقت


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