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wrtbwmon: A Bandwidth Monitoring Tool for OpenWRT Routers



Years ago, I wrote about the various tools available for monitoring bandwidth usage for individual devices in a home network.

Now, I have a definitive solution that will help with the questions: wrtbwmon. This is based on several variants that are floating around the internet, each a fork of another.

Here is an excerpt from the README file:


Moving from Rogers Internet to VMedia in Kitchener/Waterloo



This article describes why I decided to move off Rogers for the internet, what options are currently available in the local Kitchener/Waterloo area, and the details on how to switch from Rogers.

Rogers: Good and Bad

Rogers internet service is quite good from a functionality point of view. Their technical support is also acceptable, though sometimes you need to have more than one call to get an issue resolved.

Technical Debt Crisis


Some good points on the state of affairs in the web development world today ...

In the old days there was a respected profession of application programming. There was a minority of elite system programmers who built infrastructure and tools that empowered the majority of application programmers. Our goal was to allow regular people without extensive training to easily and quickly build useful software. This was the spirit of languages like COBOL, Visual Basic, and HyperCard. Elegant tools for a more civilized age. Before the dark times… before the web. Millions of dollars for next of kin from attorney of deceased

Here is another scam email claiming millions for gullible victims.

Attention please,

I am Mr. azmanbinothman, I was an attorney to a deceased client of mine, who died of a heart attack in 2001, but before his demise, he had a deposit of (US$19,000,000.00) Nineteen Million United States Dollars with a security vault here as a family treasure which I'm aware of as his lawyer.



How to get Free HD TV using an Antenna in Waterloo, Ontario


This article describes how to install an HD TV Antenna to get free over the air channels, so you can get rid of the cable or satellite subscription.

Here is my TV Fool report. Note that some channels are not listed (e.g. CBC), but it provides you with an approximate list of what channels you can get, what power each is at, and which direction to face.

The nearest intersection for me is Fischer Hallman and Erb St W, in the west end of Waterloo.

Home-made Attempt: Coat Hanger Antenna

Principles of Scientific Rational Thinking



Principles of scientific rational thinking:

Question Authority

No idea is true just because some authority says it is true. That includes you, and includes me.

Think for Yourself and Question Yourself

Don't believe something just because you want it to be true. Belief alone is not a criterion for truth.

Test ideas by evidence from observation and experiments

If a favorite idea fails a well designed test, it is not true. Get over it.

Follow the evidence wherever it leads

If something is proven wrong, then just accept that it is wrong.

And, if you have no evidence, just reserve judgement. You don't have to take a position for or against an idea.

You could be wrong

We are humans, and we may not have all the facts, so we are sometimes wrong. Accept that, and move to more observation and experimentation.

Information Readability and Longevity in the Digital Age


Over the millenia, humans have collected and catalogued the accumulated knowledge of civilization in libraries. These knowledge depots are of the utmost importance for us to learn about the preceding generations. How they lived, what they ate, why did they go to war, and against whom, what poetry, songs and music did they have, what did they wear, what their dwellings looked like, and much more.

Cuneiform on clay tablets, and Hieroglyphs on stone

شوية فول


واحد غلس كل يوم يروح لعربية الفول
يقول للراجل بنص جنيه فول
بياع الفول يحط له الفول
يقول له طب شوية زيت
بياع الفول يحط الزيت
الراجل يقول له طب حبة ملح
يحط ملح
يقول له طب لمون كمان
يحط لمون
يقول له اللمون كثير، طب حط شوية فول بقى عشان يتعدل
يحط له فول
يقول له الفول كدة كثير
طب كمان شوية زيت
و يفضل على الموضوع دة نص ساعة كل يوم
مرة راح لبتاع الفول و عمل الفيلم دة
و قال للراجل طب شوية فول كمان
بتاع الفول طلع بوزه من الراجل
و راح ماسك القدرة كلها و راميها في الشارع


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