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Another set of Egyptian jokes مجموعة نكت مصرية

صعيدى عمل باب زجاج
حط فيه عين سحرية

صعيدى حب يطور الهليكوبتر
شال المروحة وحط تكييف

صعيدى ضحك نسى بقه مفتوح

صعيدى نزل محطة الرمل
رجله غرزت

صعيدى اشترى لابنه الة حاسبة
شال منها الزيرو

صعيدى عايز نضارة بيسالوه للشمس
قالهم ليا

غلس بيعاكس واحدة ! قالت له حل عنى
قالها فين الاسئلة

صعيدى بياكل لبانة حلف ماينام الا ماتخلص

صعيدى بيسال واحد فين محطة العتبة
قال له شفنى هنزل فين وانزل اللى قبلها

غبى بيقول لواحده اسمك ايه قالت له اسماء
قالها يعنى مفيش اسم محدد

واحد كسلان حب يدهن جدار بيتهم دهن نصه
وحط 3 نقط وكتب الى اخره


Solution to Motorola Milestone/Droid phone when Android stops syncing with Gmail's email

So, over the past few days, I had an interesting issue with Android 2.1 (Eclair) on a Motorola Milestone.

Suddenly, it decided to stop syncing emails with Gmail. At the same time, syncing the calendar worked fine.

I tried solving this using by selecting another label, and then went back to the Inbox and it seemed to work, but in fact, it did not. It would show the correct number of unread messages, but the actual unread messages will be from an old sync. Very confusing.

Here is the solution:



Android app review: Instant Heart Rate

An apparently useful application for Android is Instant Heart Rate, which can be installed from the Android Market.

What it does is measure your heart rate using the built-in camera of the phone.

On my Motorola Milestone, there was a serious flaw though. Once you use the Instant Heart Rate app, the camera's brightness will be totally off: all your pictures will be severely overexposed (all white).



Motorola announces the Milestone 2 Android phone

Motorola announced the Milestone 2 (demo video) a few days ago.

It has larger keys because they got rid of the right hand side cursor pad. This is the one thing that I miss in the plain vanilla Milestone.

Pocket Lint has an informative preview of it, with many pictures.



Waterloo Region has hottest August in 50 years

Well, anyone who lives in the Waterloo Region will be able to tell you that we had a very hot August in 2010.

Now it is official: this was the hottest August in 50 years.

And we can expect higher than usual temperatures all the way through November too. The BBQ is still out and we hope for a few outdoor BBQs in the coming month or two.

Can't complain about that ...


Using Android smartphones with Rogers Pay As You Go

The Canadian mobile phone provider Rogers has many plans, but many choose the Pay As You Go, since it is suitable for their needs.

The bad part is that the plan does not include any data usage on Smartphones.

But there is a way to get this working on Android phones.



KPMG Survey shows Canadians are "unsophisticated" mobile phone users

Not surprisingly, a KPMG worldwide survey has shown that Canadians are behind the curve when it comes to more sophisticated use of mobile phones.

My viewpoint: the lack of standards, carrier locking, and the high cost are the main hindrances, stifling competition and dragging the market.

The study is published here.

Via the CBC.



Converting Cisco Easy VPN .pcf files to Linux vpnc configuration format

Since I use Linux exclusively, and have to interface with clients using various Windows technologies, open standards are an important aspect of our tech-life. For example, we use OpenOffice to read Word/Excel/Powerpoint files, and so on.

One thing that comes infrequently is the need to login to a corporate virtual private network (VPN) that uses Cisco's Easy VPN.




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