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Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 005


State TV announced that AlJazeera permits have been withdrawn, and is prevented from operating in the whole country. The signal of the Arabic channel on NileSat has been cut. New frequencies have been announced by AlJazeera so people can tune to the new frequences. However, I can still see them broadcasting live from Tahrir Square in Cairo on a North American satellite.

AlJazeera showing military fighter jets and helicopters buzzing on low altitude over the protesters. The protesters raised their voice shouting anti-regime and anti-Mubarak slogans in defiance as these flew by.

Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 004


Called my mother. She is fine. Thanks God. Door of apartment building is bolted and neighborhood watch committee doing its job in the absence of the vanished police.

Cousin's apartment was about to get robbed. Her son and residents stopped them, and the criminals were handed over to the military. They came in a micro-bus.

Another case of a friend's mother where gangs tried to break the apartment building's gate, but the porter and his sons prevented them. The gangs then quipped: مش انتوا مش عاجبوكم الامن "Don't you dislike the police"? As if this is planned or something.

Update on the Egyptian Revolution - 002


Talked to my brother.

Unlike my mom, he went to his work, and went to pick up a car of a cousin that broke down yesterday. My cousin parked it at Carefour on the outskirts of Alexandria. The army is protecting Carefour, but the saboteurs managed to break its glass. The army conscript at Carefour verified the car license and personal ID before allowing them to tow the car. He said that he saw the people breaking the glass and stopped them making further damage. The car alarm sounded, and the army soldier disconnected the battery.

Another set of Jokes مجموعة نكت اخرى


واحد صعيدى قرر يعمل عملية تجميل لتوسيع عينيه
قام فتحهم على بعض

محشش راح يعزي
وفى العزا اتأثر جدا
وهو طالع سأل أخو الميت :
ما فيش أمل يرجع ؟

ليه الصعيدى لما بيتكلم مع الأجانب بيخللي عينيه لتحت من اللي بيتكلم معاه؟
عشان يقرأ الترجمة

صعيدى سمى ابنه على اسم أبوه : بابا

صعيدى راح يعزى فى جنازة
سأل واحد : كان بيشتغل ايه الميت
قال : يحفر قبور
قال الصعيدى :
سبحان الله ، من حفر حفرة لاخيه وقع فيها

صعيدى قالوله :
التدخين يؤدي إلى الموت البطيء
قال : أنا أساسا مش مستعجل

سائق تاكسي من التعب والعرق أصبحت ريحتة كريهه

How to root a Motorola Milestone and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and enable Arabic on them



Update 2011-09-02

For the Xperia X10, when upgrading the software using Sony's PC Companion, you will get full Arabic support on the phone, with a beautiful font, and no glitches. The only drawback is the phone is unrooted, and therefore you lose functionality of apps that require root (e.g. Titanium Backup, ShootMe), and have the bloated apps that autostart (Timescape, Moxier Mail, ...etc.)

Another set of Upper Egyptian jokes نكت صعايدة كمان


صعيدى رشح نفسه فى الانتخابات كتب تحت صورته
و عسى ان تكرهوا شئ و هو خير لكم

صعيدى رجع من الشغل لقى مراته مطبختش فزعل و دخل نام
فحبت تصالحه قالت له اعمل لك مساج؟؟ قال لها عليا الطلاق لو عملتيه لارميه حلته فى الشارع

تاجر مخدرات راح يخطب واحدة
فأبوها بيسأله انت بتشتغل ايه؟
قال له فنى تكييف

واحد بيقول لصاحبه الرجالة في الجنة هيدوهم ستات قشطة
قال له و الستات بتوعنا هيروحوا فين؟
قال له هيعذبوا بهم الكفار

تفتكر ليه لبان كوكو واوا مبقاش موجود فى السوق؟
عشان كوكو خف

واحد راح لشيخ و قال له هو ينفع اصلى جماعة وراالامام فى التليفزيون؟

Terrorism: It is all about probability ...


Putting terrorism into perspective depends on how you perceive the probability of it happening to you.

The odds of dying in a terrorist attack on a plane in a given year are 1 in 25,000,000.

The odds of a Westerner being killed by a terrorist in a given year are 1 in 3,000,000.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The odds of your dying in a 1 hour flight in a given year are less than 1 in 1,000,000.

Source: Plane Crash Info


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