Canadian Mobile Random Lottery Ballot Draw

This is another scam by mobile SMS text messages, from one Dr Frank, claiming he is contacting the victim on behalf of the Canadian Mobile Random Lottery Ballot Draw.

I had to contact Dr Frank at +447924078012 and email

He send me a SMS so say I had won 1 Million USD at this Canadian Mobile Random Lottery.

Is it true and what must I do to received the money can you please assist me!





I have recieved a sms inb which my sim no has won 750,00 great british pounds so i claim that,.
so is true or fraud
anyways they ask to deposit 35400 INR
so i m confused to what i can do
Because fraudality level is very high
For God Sake!

Award to claim

I have received SMS on my mobile no 12.2.15, your number has won 75o,ooo gbp & x6 car in BMW, NEW YEAR AWARD. AND i have received SMS ON 16.2.15.YOUR PARCEL DELIVERS TO DELHI AIRPORT.AT SAME TIME CONTACT PERSON TOLD TO PAY MONEY. MY QUESTION IS WHAT IS AWARD, ANY GIFT, WHAT IS THAT, DETAILS.

mobile lottery draw

Yesterday I recieved an sms informing me that I had won 1million dollars from Canadalotterry mobile and that I must comunicate with Dr Paul to Claim my price on mupa84@gmail .com or +447872248319.


Hello sir,
i wish to join this impressive lottery am from the Gambia west Africa and also want to be part of the luck winner.
thank you.

i got a sms from BBC DRAW UK

i got a sms from BBC DRAW UK that igot 200,000.00 pounds. is it true?if it is true please tell me the process to claime it.i have sent already my details to mail

my mobile no:8096817064


please help me