Another scam victim from Chad

Here is another sad case of a scam working. The victim paid money to the scammers. She also says that she borrowed the money in order to pay the scammers, and is now in double trouble.

The IP address is from Chad. I am not what currency she refers to: Indian Rupees?

Angelique wrote:

I am victim of the scam.

I have deposited R4.915.88, please help me to recover that money.

I have borrowed it. I need to repay it because the people are asking for it.



It is so sad how many people

It is so sad how many people fall for scams. I don't know if we can ever stop the scammers, seems to me the best solution is to educate people to not respond to ANY email from ANYONE they do not know. The old adage if is sounds to good to be true it probably is definitely applies here.


I received an email that i have won 1.5 million dollars and asking for my bank details. the funniest thing is that i do not have a bank they have to fraud me. please try to stop this frauders. this are soome of there numbers. 0047045723852, 00448447743218, 00447023054781. please call these numbers to confirm.