Lotto scam: Microsoft / Nethelands Lotto winning

Here is another sample of fake lottery winning.

CONTACT FOR YOUR PRIZE YOU WONMICROSOFT / LOTTO NL INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION PROGRAM Date: 2nd Octoberber, 2006 Ref Nr: AMC/231-ILGI0431/06Batch Number: EOS/15/096/TVFSSerial Number 472-9768-79Lucky Number:8-66-97-22-65-55Ticket Number: 20511465463-7655 Dear Email Bearer, CONSOLATION PRIZE WINNING NOTICE!!! Europe/America private international e-games organizers and Co-sponsors, MICROSOFT / LOTTO NL, officially bring to your notice of the final draw result of September-2006 MICROSOFT / LOTTO NL wheel E-game which was conducted at our international corporate office complex in The Netherlands . Most recently this foundation set up the NEW LOTTERY SCHEME to give out prizes based on COMPUTER BALLOT SYSTEM. By doing this the foundation seek to encourage the use of Internet for academic and business pursuits. It major aim is to promote music, theatre, art and literature projects in the social and political arena with a focus on health, as well as science, research, and higher education. We wish to congratulate and inform you on the selection of your email ticket number which was selected among the 10 lucky consolation prize winners. Your email ID identified with ticket No. 8-66-97-22-65-55 and was selected by our E-games Random Selection System (ERSS) with entries from the 50,000 different email addresses enrolled for the E-game. Your email ID was included among the 50,000 different email addresses submitted by our partner international email provider companies. You have won a consolation cash prize of $1,000 000.00 (One million Dollars Only). The MICROSOFT / LOTTO NL Group have approved a payout of your consolation cash prize which will be remunerated directly to you by the official Payment Agency Board. Our DUE PROCESS UNIT (DPU) will render to you complete assistance and provide additional information and processes for the claims of your consolation prize. For due processing of your winning claim, please contact the International Remittance Department Information Officer Mr. M Bruijne who has been assigned to assist you. Contact Person:NAME: Mr. M Bruijne E-mail: bigestlottonl@aim.comTel: +31-649-304-315Fax: +31-847-539-161 You are advised to provide him with the following information: Names:Phone/Fax number:Nationality:Ref Number: Batch Number: Ticket Number: Once again congratulations from all our staffs on your consolation prize winning, we hope you will partake in our forth coming MICROSOFT / LOTTO NL Email-games. Regards, Wendy Witkamp(Mrs.). (Group Coordinator) NB: In accordance with the MICROSOFT / LOTTO NL E-games policy and regulations, this notification is dispatched directly to only the lucky consolation prize Winners. This notification also contains information that is proprietary,privileged or confidential or otherwise legally exempt from disclosure. If you are not the right recipient whose email address attached to the lucky numbers along with the winning informations you are not authorized to read, print, retain, copy or disseminate this notice or any part of it.

It seems many people fall for this king of scam, otherwise the fraudsters would not have kept trying.




How to belive this lotery. How will you send the winning prize?