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Pseudoscience: Lots of it around ...


There is a lot of pseudo science around, and one have to be careful and be able to discern what is true (or plausible) and what is not.For a definition of pseudo science, see the Pseudo Science article in Wikipedia. A good article on how to detect pseudo science can be read at Web Exhibits, and is titled Seven Warning Signs for Bogus Science. You can also read on Pseudo Archeology.

Ancient Egypt Revisionism, Pseudoscience, and absurdities


Many hoaxes, absurd claims and pseudoscience have been forumlated around Ancient Egypt. From aliens build the pyramids, to alternative chronologies, to claims that all what we known about Egypt is wrong. One good site that debunks many of these claims is Catchpenny. For example, some have claimed that the inscriptions in the temple of Abydos are actually ancient helicopters. Giving rise to all absurd theories about Egyptians being much more advanced technologically, to the claims that aliens visted them!

Pseudoscience: Alien Archeology and Ancient Astronauts


Those who watch TV channels that delve into pseudoscience -- such as The Learning Channel (TLC) -- or love to visit fringe theory web sites, must have encountered Erich von Daniken or his web site.Von Daniken's theory is that ancient astronaut aliens visited Earth several times, and interacted with several civilization. The traces of these visits are everywhere, from ancient Peru to ancient Egypt.

Pseudoscience: Astronomy: Moon Hoax


It is amazing how people tend to revise history soon after it happens. Conspiracy theorists have the most absurd claims, one of which is that NASA did not land on the moon, and it was all faked in a studio setting!Wikipedia has a page dedicated to this claim, its possible origin, the main arguments and the rebuttalGoogle directory has a special sub category for this hoax.

Pseudosience: Astronomy: Richard Hoagland and Civilization on Mars?


Hoaxes and absurd claims have always been with humanity since societies started. With the proliferation of the internet, these hoaxes and absurd claims have become more visible due to the nature of the medium. Anyone can setup a web site and say whatever they want on it.One such absurd claim is one made by Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission. In true conspiracy theory fashion, he claims there are technological artifacts on Mars that are proof of previous civilizations on it. He also claims that NASA is covering up these findings, and keeping it away from the public.

Similarities Among Languages


In recent times, there has been lots of speculative pseudo-research that has flimsy footing in superficial similarities between similar words or roots in otherwise different languages.One can compare these linguistic theories with the other pseudo science (often by non specialists) such as the revised chronologies of David Rohl and Ahmed Osman.Much of this pseudo-research is politically motivated. Whether it is chauvinistic nationalism, or resentment for some situation (e.g.


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