Advance Fee Fraud: Widow of Robert Parker of Chevron/Texaco

Here is a classic advance fee fraud scam email. It is the classic "widow of wealthy man wants someone to help her with a large amount of money".

From        MARY PARKER <>Reply-to     Date         May 15, 2007 11:57 PM     Subject     Dear Beloved, your assistance is highly needed     Dear Beloved,I am Mrs. Mary Parker,the wife of Mr.Robert Parker,both of us, are citizens of the United States of America. my husband worked with the Chevron/Texaco in Russia for twenty years before he died in the year 2003.We were married for ten years without a child. My Husband died after a brief illness. Before his death we both got born-again as dedicated Christians. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of 7.5 Million Pounds (Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) with a Bank in Europe. Presently, I'm in an hospital in Russia undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer. I have since lost my ability to talk and my doctors have told me that I have only a few weeks to live.  Please, I beg you in the name of God to help me  Stand-in as the beneficiary and collect the Funds from the Bank. Please my beloved for further communication, reach me on my private email address: Sister in Christ,Mrs. Mary Parker



3.9 million dollar scam

yeah i got this one a few days ago from a rose parker saying her husban died and she was on her death and wanted some one to claim this money or it would confiscated. so i wrote her back just for fun to see how she would respond but i didn't tgive any inf. of course. and she or they sent me a setificate of deposit with 3.9 millon dollars on it and wants me to get a hold of her reverend.

Scam still stay despite cancer

I got this email, same amount, same message and trick from from different name.
Be careful!!!

Forwarded Message: PLEASE REPLY
PLEASE REPLYWednesday, November 11, 2009 9:01 AM
From: "Mrs Sarah Grant" To:


I got it too

I have been pulling her in. What I don't get is when does the request for money from me come? I would not spend a nickel on this.

Mrs Mary Parker

I have been receiving a large number of similar, obvious scams recently. As a Christian, I find it particularly disgusting that "she" (if indeed she is who she claims to be) would scam people who might fall for this, based on their faith.

Whoever is behind this should desist, repent, or face the consequences !


Another 1 : Dear Beloved, I

Another 1 :

Dear Beloved,

I am Mrs. Rose Ibrahim, the wife of Mr. El Ibrahim, I am a citizens of Tunisian. My husband worked with the Chevron/Texaco in Russia for twenty years before he died in the year 2005.We were married for ten years without a child. My Husband died after a brief illness that lasted for only four days.

Since his death I decided not to re-marry or get a child outside my matrimonial home, When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of 7.5 Million Pounds (Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) with a Bank in Europe.

Presently,this money is still with the Bank and the management just wrote me as the beneficiary that our account has been DORMANT and if I, as the beneficiary of the funds, do not re-activate the account; the funds will be CONFISCATED or I rather issue a letter of authorization to somebody to receive it on my behalf (note that you need to activate this account) as I can not come over.

Presently, I'm in a hospital in Russia where I have been undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer. I have since lost my ability to talk and my doctors have told me that I have only a few weeks to live. It is my last wish to see this money distributed to charity organizations anywhere in the World in helping human race. Because relatives and friends have plundered so much of my wealth since my illness, I cannot live with the agony of entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them. Please, I beg you in the name of God to help me Stand-in as the beneficiary and collect the Funds from the Bank.

I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money, and I am not afraid of death since I know where I am going to. I
don't need any telephone communication in this regard because of my soundless voice and presence of my husband's relatives around me always.I don't want them to know about this development. I await your quick response to this mail as this is my last wish to see this funds transferred before my Death. Please my beloved for further communication on how we are going to conclude this, reach me on my private mail:

Remain Blessed
Your Beloved Sister.

Rose Parker is at it Again - here is the Scam email I got today


Smooth roads never make good drivers. Smooth sea never makes good
sailors. Clear skies never make good pilots.Problem free life never makes a strong person. Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life. Don't ask the Lord, 'Why me?'. Instead say, 'Try me!

My name is Rose Parker,I have no kids my husband is dead i do not have any relations but been directed by the LORD to inform you of his will to have you as his servant .The doctor says i have a short time to live that it is by miracle that I'm still alive .The doctor would not tell me the cause because they felt it might be too dangerous to tell me and but it has to do with my Lungs and kidney.

I am really weak and tired but I'm not scared to die because it is paramount to every soul. More so it has been appointed for man to die once after death judgment.I have contacted you to use my wealth for the development of his kingdom work,I want you to act fast and have this funds out of have EXCO/HSBC Transglobal before they get confiscated.

I seek your consent to present you as my next of kin so that the Wealth can be yours for the lord's purpose.

In His Service,

thanks for your response

I almost bought this.. I just got it now..
Mrs. Sarah Grant" Add sender to Contacts

Dear Beloved,

Please I want you to hence forth contact me through this email address, I changed my email address due to circumstances and for the success of my intentions. I am most grateful for your mail,and I seize this opportunity to thank you for coming to my rescue.However,I crave your indulgence to kindly attend to this in good faith as everything is Legal and the funds belongs to my Late husband whom before his death was always helping Charitable organisations and NGO in the world. My husband worked with the Chevron/Texaco in Russia before he died in the year 2003. We were married for ten years without a child. He deposited this sum of 7.5 Million Pounds in a bank in Europe before his death. So I want you to Stand-in as the beneficiary and collect the Funds from the Bank to finance Charity organisations and NGOs.

I hope you were not too embarrassed by my first email to you since you do not know me. I had no option since the family of my husband in and outside Russia refused to distribute my husband funds because they wanted to keep it to themselves. I don't really know how to move the funds out and dispatched it to charity organizations, so I resulted to putting fate to test and making a random contact. I got your email address from a private search which i did on the internet. I am communicating with only you at this moment with regards to this transaction. And I would not have any cause to do otherwise, except you state your intention to withdraw your assistance. Just like I stated earlier, this fund is presently with a bank in united kingdom (UK) and they would be able to tranfer the funds to you immediately if you adhere strictly to their directive.

I cannot distribute these funds myself due of the following reasons:

(1) I'm in an hospital in Russia undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer, I have since lost my ability to talk and It has defiled all forms of medicine, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts diagnosis.
(2) I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul and so, I have decided to give help to charity organizations and NGO, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth before my death. It is for this reasons I am seeking for your assistance to stand as the beneficiary to the fund and retrieve it on my behalf and dispatched it to charity organizations. However, before I proceed further in giving you the Bank contact, I want you to give me your words that you will be very honest and straight forward with me when the money gets to you and also,that you will be able to execute this Project successfully and help me dispatched it to charity organizations.

Thus,I would want you to get back to me on the following issues if you are ready to assist me:

(1) That you are in a position to be trusted as a God fearing person with such a large amount of fund been entrusted to you. Also, that you will dispatched it to charity organization as I wanted it.
(2) That you are willing to contact the Bank to discuss the terms of releasing the funds. As soon as I receive your reply that you are ready to proceed under these terms, then I will furnish you with all details including the company.

Remain bless.
Mrs. Sarah Grant

be careful!!!!! its a

be careful!!!!!
its a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its foney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its not reaaall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got an email but with the name srah grant loserthat woman is or guy!!!!!!!

Someone on ebay posted the

Someone on ebay posted the email they got from Mary Parker ( "Mary" was supposedly selling a Jeep. She is a widow who couldn't drive and had to mention that her kids were too young to drive also. Additionally, he had to move with mother and had to leave the car behind. I emailed her asking if the Jeep was still available. She gave the same schpiel that posted on ebay with a few changes. I told her I could be there in a few hours. I never got a response back.

Using a different email account, I emailed asking about the Jeep and she asked for a name and address for the Jeep registration. I used the name John E. Hoover (as in J. Edgar Hoover - firs director of the FBI) and I gave the address to the FBI headquarters in Washington DC. She never responded back. I emailed her again and ask why no response and asked was it because she recognized the address. Of course I got no response. In one of my emails I said that they do not know if I was in the same internet cafe with them or standing outside and that they didn't know if I was a man or a woman and that I could be looking at them and that they wouldn't know it.

I don't know if this had any effect on Mary but it was fun saying it though.


I received an email from PASTOR WILLIAMS and ROBERT PARKER:

Being the grant processing officer in charge of handling the delivery of your card, I am in the best position to inform and advise you on the proceedings regarding this transaction. I have worked pretty hard to ensure the progress we have made so far. Being that we have approved your payment, I need you to know that you are best advice to act as instructed so that the 2.8 million dollars winnings would be delivered to you. I will like you to know that the card and account details is been enclosed in a envelope protected by a hard cover insurance policy which make it impossible for anyone to access the details. It is only you that has the right as a beneficiary to receive and access the card.

This card is currently on route to the your country's postal service and would be left at the nearest post office in your city of residence.I strongly suggest that if we must carry on and have this transaction concluded for your mutual benefits, then please go ahead and make the payment refund of the delivery charges so that the card delivery will not be canceled.

In view of this development, you are requested to offset the $120 USD cost of delivery immediately.
The payment should be made using Western Union money transfer or money gram to the processing accountant using the details below:

Receiver's Name: Davidson Nkem
Receiver's Address: iKobo Office, 221 Campbell Road
City: Abuja
State: Federal Capital Territory
Country: Nigeria
Amount: $120 usd
Test Question:Delivery
Answer: Urgent

After payment you are to get back to us with the following payment information:
Sender's Name:
Sender's Address:
Sender's Country:
Sender's Tel Number:
Test Question & Answer:

So please kindly make the payment for the delivery services so as to
avoid cancellation on the delivery.

As soon as we receive the details above, the delivery of the winnings
would take immediate effect and delivered to you within the stipulated
delivery duration. Congratulations on the success of your winnings.

Best Regards
Mr Robert Parker
Tel: +2348053526562

These people are certainly incapable of working hard, they try to use the internet as a way of earning by means of FRAUD!!! A few message for these people is: go out your way, find a good paying job and get some respect for yourselves, not unless you have forgotten the existence of HUMANITY.